Xequence 2 MIDI Workstation

Xequence 2 is a comprehensive, fast & stable MIDI sequencer, editor, arranger & controller for iPhone & iPad. It is the perfect companion both for hardware and for AUM & AB3 to create a modular, “DAW-like” music production environment on iOS.

App type: App

App store link:

Developer: Seven Systems Cross-Platform Media Limited

Developer AB Forum Handle: https://forum.audiob.us/profile/SevenSystems

From the app store description:


- Efficient User Interface for an amazing mobile editing workflow - Full support for scales and scale-based editing throughout the app (keyboard, pianoroll, etc.) - Over 70 scales in 10 categories included - Full Audiobus support - Ableton Link (tempo and phase only - use Audiobus for start/stop sync) - MIDI File Import & Export (notes, controllers, program changes, track names, etc.) - Best-in-class MIDI timing and clock output - MIDI In & Thru with rechannelization & rerouting to current track - MIDI Sync Master (Clock/Start/Stop/Continue/SPP) - other DAWs & sequencers can run in sync with Xequence, e.g. to use audio tracks, or external drum machines. Several modes for full compatibility


- Unlimited Parts - Up to 4 tracks (Unlimited Tracks via In-App Purchase) - 64 Undo/Redo steps - Per-track non-destructive Swing & Delay +/- 200 ms - Multiple tracks per instrument - Parts can be independent or linked (editing the original modifies all copies) - Part-based looping - Program changes - Selection tools: Marquee/Rectangle, Same Track, Same Instrument, Linked Parts, Invert, etc. - Editing tools: Create Copy, Create Linked Copy, Unlink, Split, Join, Convert loops to parts, etc. - All edits can be performed across multiple tracks and parts - Global clipboard, even across projects - Position/Length Handles at screen edges for efficient editing


- 256 Undo/Redo steps - Fully scale-aware - Relative or absolute grid: Snap Events to nearest grid line, or move by grid increments - Live Auditioning of all note edits and mini keyboard on the left - Selection tools: Box, Same Note, Same Key, Same Beat Position, Invert, etc. - Editing tools: Copy, Legato, Quantize, Quantize Ends, Octave +/-, Flip H/V (mirror), Fill part with selection - Smart Draw mode: Touch to create, touch again to delete, drag up/down to transpose, drag left/right to change length - Global clipboard, even across projects - Note velocities can be edited just like controllers, see below:


- 256 Undo/Redo steps - Selection tools: Box, Same Beat Position, Invert - Selection modes: Add & Replace - Editing tools: Copy, Reduce, Quantize, Compress/Expand, Flip H/V (mirror), Ramp (various curves), Fill part with selection - Smart Draw mode - Note Velocities can be shown as controllers and edited with the same tools


- Fully scale-aware, very playable single or dual keyboards - Glide support - Freely adjustable key width - Velocity emulation (via vertical position on key) - Drum maps and pads, highly customizable (In-App Purchase) - CCs (controllers) can be shown as touch ribbons next to the keyboard - All CCs can be controlled by sliding (ribbon), device rotation (up to three axes simultaneously), played like a button (sustain pedal, “trance gates”), or by touching the keys at different vertical positions. All highly configurable.


- Unlimited Instruments (an Instrument is a MIDI destination & channel) - 3 definable CCs (Controllers) per Instrument (up to 12 via In-App Purchase) - Compatible with virtually ALL synths and hosts


- Audio & MIDI Metronome - Note chasing (notes play even when playback starts in the middle) - Robust controller (CC) handling with backchasing - Perfect song looping, no dropouts/jitter at loop points - Supports any time signature/BPM (fixed per song) - Generative music with PolyHymnia (In-App Purchase) - Files app support - Ruler (can be set to auto-hide to preserve screen space) - Bright or dark color scheme

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