Things To Do

This page is a list of tasks to do. Feel free to add to this document.

  • prettify the tag cloud
  • add a table of contents? or a link to one–something better than the sitemap?
  • move some of the welcome stuff to another page?
  • create a 'state of the wiki' page linked to from the front page with news about what is going on behind the scenes
  • consider a link to jump to a random page (perhaps could be in the site header?). could be a nice discoverability feature
  • look into searchform plugin to see if it is convenient way to have prominent search field on landing page
  • create a “wiki:Getting Started” page for contributors
  • create a “wiki:Conventions” page
  • figure out if there is a way to automatically notify authors about changes to the talk pages
  • consider the include plugin? this would allow us to have some standard text that we can use on many pages – along the lines of mediawiki substitute macros/templates
  • consider moving main wiki to its own namespace (maybe abwiki?) as it seems that there are quite a few search and directory plugins work best on named namespaces. The root namespace where we currently have the content is by nature nameless. This makes restricting searches and index listing more of a hassle.
  • add test for correct apple store link on add_an_app. need someone that can do regex.
  • recent adjustment? it seems like recent changes covers only a few days. maybe it could be extended?
  • create an index of pages with the stub and unreviewed tags that will be useful for people looking for ways to improve the wiki

Stuff that will get done soon:

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