I've been a member of the Audiobus forum since the beginning. Contributing wiki entries about what I've learned here and in my musical exploration allows me to share that knowledge.

At one point the Audiobus website had a problem logging users in with Google so I had to create a new account @InfoCheck. About 1/5 of my posts were under Paulinko and the rest were InfoCheck. I’m only using Paulinko for the wiki because I can’t login to the wiki with my InfoCheck account. My other musical online based identity is the PLU Collective named in honor of a friend who passed away from cancer a couple of years ago.

I continue to struggle with dissension on the forum (my own situation independent of whatever transpires there) yet I’ll try to be respectful of others though I reserve the right to express my opinion in an appropriate manner. If you should catch me on a cranky day, I apologize in advance for my behavior. I prefer not to get into back and forth disagreements and try to give my opinion/POV and let others do the same.

Starting to feel more motivated and able to contribute to the wiki again.

Thank you for supporting my friend who passed away on August 3, 2019.

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