StudioMux-AUM Effects Loop Setup

Sometimes it is preferable to use AUM as a host for your IAA apps and AUv3 rather than the StudioMux app. This article walks you through setting that up.

Main steps (Mac using Ableton Live):

  • Launch the StudioMux server on your desktop device
  • Launch the StudioMux app on your mobile device
  • On the Mac, add the StudioMux Effect Audio Unit as an effect on the track that you want to send to the mobile device for processing
  • In the StudioMux AudioUnit panel, send the audio to channel 1 of your device and receive from channel 2
  • Mac Setup
  • On the mobile device in the StudioMux app, you should see channel 1 receiving from the Mac and channel 2 sending to the Mac
  • StudioMux on iPad after Mac setup
  • In AUM, add an audio channel strip and set its input to StudioMux Output 1
  • AUM with input set to StudioMux
  • Back in StudioMux, add AUM Port 1 as the the input source for channel 2
  • AUM Set as input for Channel 2
  • Back in AUM, change the destination of the audio channel to StudioMux Out 1.
  • You can now add effects nodes in AUM to process the audio from the Mac.
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