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Multi-Channel-Midi Processing Setup in AudioBus

This is a short tutorial on how to setup multi-channel-midi processing in AudioBus

In a multi-channel-midi processing setup, you want to route all generated midi through a single midi processing plugin to affect all of the midi streams at once.

This results in full control over the running session for

  • song staging, the constantly looping patterns of the Midi generators can be combined to song sections by muting individual patterns
  • variations of individual tracks (note-volume, dropping of notes, transpositio, humanizing)
  • permutation of assigned instruments (bass or melody played by other sounds)

from a single plugin (or even chains of multi-channel-midi processing plugins).

The resulting, modified midi stream leaving the multi-channel-midi processing plugin is picked up by all receiving instruments, therefore each of the instruments has to filter this stream for its assigned midi source.

This is realized by means of the 16 Midi channels.

  • Each Midi generator transmits on a different midi channel
  • Each synth/drum receives only the Midi data of the channels it is intended for

In this example, the initial session consists of 5 synth and a EG Pulse for drums, and some effects.

On ABs Midi page it can be seen that each of them is driven by a midi generator. There is no special setup of midi channels needed in the generators or instruments as its a one-to-one connection.

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Step-by-Step using Streambyter

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Solution using Mozaic

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Typical processing script:


List of Multi-Channel-Midi Processing Scripts

Midi Matrix Switch Permutate channel assignment to change sounds and add variations
ToggleChannels On Bar Divisions Channel mutes/unmutes in sync with the host session
CopyCat Replicate midi with applied mutations to other channels
MutatoR Channel mutes, note-drop probability, static and random transpose, static and random velocity modification in 64 user-configs
Ayo DJ Automatic channel mutes to generate procedural sessions
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