An official Mozaic user script repository has been established at hosting around 305 scripts (27.04.2023)

To load scripts from

  1. Go to Patchstorage a browser on your iPad/phone.
  2. Pick Mosaic on the main page. Navigate to the desired patch.
  3. Bottom right corner of each patches intro card is a download icon (with the number of times its been downloaded.
  4. Click on it.
  5. If mozaic is installed, choose —> Open in “Mozaic”.
    (The “More” option lets you backup to dropbox or another app/destination.)
  6. On iPadOS 13.x safari downloads all files to 'On My Ipad / Downloads'.
    Use the Files app to open that folder, long tap on the downloaded Mozaic patch
    and choose 'share' and then select 'Open in Mozaic'
  7. The 'Open In' or 'Copy To' action will open the Mozaic standalone app not the AU.
    Press the 'LOAD' button to open the preset browser
    Search for the name of the downloaded script and tap the name to load it.

If the name of the downloaded script does not show up, press 'Refresh' in Mozaics preset browser to update the list.
This also works in AUs that were loaded in a host during the download action.

This following sections categorize the various scripts located on PatchStorage into one of the sub tables according to their main topic:

A group of scripts working together as feature-rich sequencer

Modifying, filtering channels of midi events

Modifying/generating midi note events

Generating midi echoes or flams

Scale quantization and microtonal scales

Changing the timing of midi note events

Generating or modifying chords

Sequencing/recording/replay of midi notes

Generative midi note generation

Generating notes on pad, knob or XY interaction, using Moazic like a special keyboard

Generating or remapping of drum notes

Modifying or generating midi CC events

Modifying or generating midi controller events like after-touch, pitch bend, or if the scripts modifies more than CCs

Scripts working together with a specific application

Scripts meant to work with a specific external hardware

Displaying midi events or host clock

Syntax highlighting/code completion for externa text editors, script includes and snippets

A group of scripts working together as feature-rich sequencer:

QKV2: SCENES Master scene controller. Set durations and sync scenes across all QK devices and trigger scenes in apps like LK
QKV2: CLIP SEQUENCER Trigger and sequence clip/pattern’s in apps like Atom2, LK, Helium etc. 8 channels, 8 scenes, 16 clip slots
QKV2: NOTE SEQUENCER Melody/rhythm generator & step sequencer. 4ch’s, variable pattern rate & length
QKV2: BEAT SEQUENCER Drum pattern generator & step sequencer. 4 multi-note channels. 8 scenes. Use built-in patterns
Compose in C Major & route notes via KEYSEQ to be re-harmonised to the current scale. A ‘C’ note is always the root note of the current scale
QKV2: AUTOM Scene base automation generator, recorder, controller & editor. Add 16 destinations with colour labels
QKV2: KNTRL midi control centre Midi control centre for instruments, effects & mixer. Create your own layouts. Control 1000 parameters with 4 knobs
QKV2: NONK 16 channel adaptive keyboard that updates its layout with the selected channel. Custom layouts.

Scripts modifying, filtering channels of midi events:

MIDI Channel Router Routes incoming midi from one channel and outputs it to a different channel
SWAM Triad Single key or triad channel distributor (divisi) for SWAM
Multi-Divisi Splits and clones midi into separate channels to maximise the usage of 3-10 output voices to achieve a fatter sound whenever possible
Midi Mute Filters midi input channels with mute pads that adds a note off to kill hanging notes
MIDI Channel Shifter Shifts the MIDI Channel of incoming MIDI messages
GMG Chord Simple Channel Robin Round script to use MidiGuitar with monophonic GeoShred Instruments
Mute Maschine Beat juggle with channel mutes of all 16 channels
MIDI MultiCast Triggerable scenes defining midi routings of a single input channel onto several output channels
PhaseyBoi Takes incoming MIDI and sends it out on channels 1-4 with a separate delay per channel to archieve Reichian phasing
MIDI Channel Mute Use the 16 pads or 16 CCs to mute/unmute midi channels
Poly It Up – Channel Rotator The script allows you to play multiple monophonic synths from a polyphonic source, with individual CC or pitch bend messages being sent to each note.
Roll-a-Poly Roll-a-Poly distributes incoming MIDI notes over channels 1-N allocated dynamically. It is very configurable and controllable. MPE channel mapping is followed.
PolyMono MIDI Router Distributes incoming MIDI notes over the first 4 channels (can be easily changed) to turn multiple monophonic synths into a big polysynth
Channel Splitter Modify output channels based on note ranges and/or velocities
_ChannelSwitcher_ Use different midi channels to play different synths, or combinations of synths
Midi Filter and Transpose Filter by channel, limit note range and apply tranpose – like AUMs channel midi input filter
Midi Matrix Switch Live jam utility to switch midi matrix routings to beat-juggle with pattern snippets, to switch between song parts or to play additional notes with different voicing while holding notes
Toggle Channels on Bar Divisions Live-jam song arrangement script. Pads mute/unmute pattern fed on different midi channels in sync to to the hosts 1-,2-,4-,8- or 16-bar divisions
Multi Channel MIDI Delay Delays MIDI messages globally or per channel

Scripts modifying/generating midi note events:

Tintinnabuli Melody harmonization in the Tintinnabuli style developed by Arvo Pärt
Force Monophonic Forces monophonic midi note output for polyphonic or MPE midi input while keeping the other midi events like CCs, PitchBends and AfterTouch intact
ClickTrack Simple utility for generating/sending a midi click track (notes with low and high velocity synced to host tempo)
Tremolo Insert tremolos (or racheting) of held notes into the midi stream
VeloNote Maps note velocities to new notes (ignoring the input notes)
GhostNoteKillah Two scripts (GhostWatch and GhostKill) to fix midi loop ghosting
Orchestral Instruments Range Limiter Limits the midi note range to those of common orchestral instruments
MIDI Note Shifter Transpose up or down by semitones distance from a given note
Note Probability with Octaves Allows note probability control over every note individually
Dedupe Prevents consecutive MIDI Note On messages by sending a corresponding Note Off message immediately before any duplicate Note On.
Overlapping Note Transposer Adds up to 4 additional offset notes to incoming notes
SMARTARSE Analyses up to 3 input channels for notes to build a custom scale that is applied to a target mid channel
MutatoR Apply independant note mutations and humanization to all 16 midi channels in 64 user-defined configurations
 Transform Notes Remaps incoming midi notes into different note range (squishes, stretches, inverts) with optional scale quantization
Pulser Pulsates note velocity and delay timing on multiple channels
RANBO – Multi Channel Note Humanizer Randomize velocity, timing, and note probability for multiple channels
MonoNotePriority Pass through only the lowest or highest note currently held. Useful for combining polyphonic and mono sounds.
LatchKeys Remaps incoming notes to other notes / channels with selectable latch and inversion functionality. Useful in controlling parameters via keyboard.
Rounder Robin Round Robin with Note Reset
1-Key Neo-Soul Inspired by the Neo-Soul sound of the FoundChord preset on BASSalicious 2, this script adds an octave below and a close-voiced Maj 13 (omit 11) chord an octave above the incoming note
Note Length Mugger Alters the length of MIDI notes passed through it in many ways
AU Hasard MIDI Note Randomizer AU HASARD (French for “Random”) is inspired by the Random Ableton Live MIDI effect. Unlike the Live plugin, notes can be quantized to fit into a scale.
Joc Do ya Len Set the note length of incoming notes according to a given length sequence
Joc Melody Maker Replaces incoming note pitch with the next one from its own pitch sequence
Joc Velocity Massage Uses the sliders and XY to set the velocity of successive notes passing through
_Abolisher_ Stops the hanging of notes without disturbing the peace in the host system. First shout 16 times “all notes off”. Then releases all midi notes.
Chromatic Fractal for Fractal Bits Play any Fractal Bits AU pad melodically using MIDI
RANDOM! Takes midi input and outputs midi that is randomly modified according to parameters set by the user. Includes scale quantization, user presets on the touch pads, and preset morphing using the XY pad
MuteMIDI Place this between a MIDI source and a synth. Pad 0 sets a value for a MIDI “Mute/unmute” condition
CopyCat Clone midi from input channel to multiple output channels applying individual note mutations
Block Repeating Notes Prevents the same midi note from playing twice in a row
Fail-Safe Gracefully stop all sustained notes on hosts stop. After the grace-period is run off, all still active notes will turned off
Velocity randomizer Randomizing/humanizing velocity values for incoming midi notes
Probability Gate Based on Arthur Kerns’ excellent (and free!) midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Effect
Note Probability Based on Arthur Kerns’ excellent (and free!) midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Effect
Note Probability with Octaves Expanded version of the Note Probability patch with probability control over individual notes!
Probability Gate Sequencer Based on Arthur Kerns’ excellent (and free!) midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Effect
Round Robin Applying round-robin (or random-robin) variations to incoming notes
Jay Meter: Velocity Jay Meter: Velocity is a midi velocity adjustment sequencer designed as a velocity companion for Jay Meter

Scripts generating midi echoes or flams:

FlamBae Adds flam or rolls to specific notes with configurable velocity change or delay
Gravity delay Creative MIDI delay based on physical model with 4 delay lines
Panning gravity delay Creative MIDI delay based on physical model with note panning
MIDI Channel Phase Mixer Sends additional delayed notes while a note is sustained
Joc Bouncing Babies Echoes incoming note in a surprising and slightly twisted fashion
Note Repeat Repeats all held midi notes at the selected metric subdivision
Velocity MIDI Echo Produces rich and complex delay patterns by echoing notes at variable velocity over time
Rhythmic MIDI Echo Echos incoming MIDI notes for up to 16 steps, which are toggled by turning on each pad

Scripts for scale quantization and microtonal scales:

microTonal Monophonic tuner allowing to tune each note (using pitchbend) individually for microtonal scales
Chord Scale Quantize Notes sustained on a control channel set a scale filter to which all other notes are quantized to
KEYSTER Live play transposer and scale remapper
Microtonal Maker Allows to play microtonal scales using multiple instances of any AUv3 synth, by sending note and pitch bend messages to a rotation of channel outputs
Scala FX Turns standard MIDI input into scale specific MIDI output using a scala style format and applying pitchbend
Scale Compendium Quantize incoming MIDI notes to one of 30 preset scaled, also included are an assortment of common triads and 7th chords
CC Automatable Transposer / Scaler Transpose and optionally apply scaling to all incomming midi notes of all channels using three automatable CCs or the GUI elements
Simple Scaler A scale filter that allows customizing the notes of the scale
Dynamic Scale Quantize Builds a custom scale based on notes received.

Scripts changing the timing of midi note events:

Rhythmyzzah Allows you to change the rhythm of incoming notes
Live Quantize Delays late notes until the next metronom subdivision
Midi Quantizer Quantizes incoming midi signals to a given clock interval
Humanise Delay Note-On and Note-Off events with minimum and random delay settings
BeatGroove Apply groove templates with per 1/16 step offset and velocity variables, including preset morphing and randomization
Apply Swing Apply swing to all midi-streams
Joc Lady Delay Delay input midi notes by a given sequence of delay timings.
Jay Meter A midi timing sequencer which can perform forward and backward offsets. Designed for Hip Hop, IDM, and any genre where human or off-kilter grooves are required
MidiQ Real time note quantizer per beat division

Scripts generating or modifying chords:

Intervalic Chord Pad Pages Provides a pad-based interface to generate a series of chords based on intervals
String Pad Generator Generates a chord or string pad from single MIDI notes
GEM Mono R Only play the highest note of a chord
Chordial Chord generator based on the Chord eurorack module from Qu-Bit Electronix
Smart Chord Bass Output lowest note of a chord or root note of an inversion to accompany chord play
Coltranius Rotator Midi chord rotator inspired by Michael Brecker. Play a midi note on a poly synth, and Rotator will add intervals around it from a customizable chord sequence.
In-Order ARP Plays beat-synced in-order arpeggios with variable gate-length and humanization
One Finger Orchestra aka McOrchestrator Generate ARPs and complex chord voicings for single note input
The Chordulator Play a huge variety of chords with just one note
Chord Delay Delays the consecutive notes of a chord at a specified rate
Chordpeggio Input four notes using the keyboard, which will be ordered from lower to higher. Then, every new bar and for every note, the chordpeggio will play as many notes as their respective NPM (notes per measure)
Strummer Set a strumming pattern using the knobs, starting from the first knob

Scripts sequencing/recording/replay of midi notes:

Stepster4K Provides 4 pages of recordable pads providing 1024 allowed steps per page (4K total).
seq-l Simple live looping midi note sequencer with support for 4 sequences
midiChanSeq Basic step sequencer that round robins a midi note to a number of midi channels (with a couple of random options in the mix, sequence order and midi channel order).
Trig Sequencer Sequencer inspired by Gauss Looper, plays up to 8 notes triggered/advanced by three differently timed trigger pulses
RIVM-M8R Either outputs regular MIDI note messages or adds rhythmic with accents / ghost notes to sustained notes from incoming MIDI stream
SuperRoulette Clone of the Roulette sequencer from the awesome Superberry by, one script to program the trigs, the other to set the notes
TrigSeq Simple ‘sequencer’ that advances when it receives a trigger (which can be a MIDI Note or MIDI CC)
Hypno Sequence Custom Round-Robin triggered note sequencer
Simple Recorder/Looper (Agogo Edit) Allows to record incoming MIDI data and then replay/loop it with optional quantization (Adaption of version of Simple Recorder/Looper)
Proton P-Locking Sequencer Different kind of 16-step, monophonic sequencer
Glass Factory  A harmonic sequencer that emulates the ostinatos and rhythmic style of Phillip Glass
MidiMarble 2 MidiMarble is a step sequencer for notes or midi CCs
Circus An LFO driven multi sequencer with MIDI note or beat triggers
Flow 7-pattern, multi-channel, 16×8 step midi looper & sequencer for Mozaic. (Tutorial)
Frazer Frazer records series of notes and assigns each to a trigger. When the trigger is then received on MIDI in, the phrase is sent on MIDI out
Orchestra Orchestra is a scene-based “meta-sequencer”, designed to help users build song structure out of pattern-based sequencers
Simple Recorder/Looper Record incoming MIDI data and then replay/loop it
Chord Magic Chord based sequencer with 16 scenes
Metroplex 8 stage MIDI step sequencer inspired by the Intellijel Metropolis
Pulse Sequencer Sequencer for polyrhythmic pulses. Possibly useful as a general rhythm sequencer
Infinity Polyphonic MIDI Looper that plays back a recorded sequence, playing the next event either once every interval, or once every time it receives a new MIDI note. Optionally transpose the loop
MidiMarble MidiMarble is a step sequencer for notes or midi CCs

Scripts with generative midi note generation:

ZMachine Conjures up something Zappa or Gil Evans like
MIDI Turing Machine Generative music sequencer based on the popular Eurorack module by Tom Whitwell. Also inspired by the Encoder Audio Turing Machine for Max/MSP
Clusters Clusters is a polyphonic MIDI particle generator meant to provide rhythmic or atmospheric accompaniment. Clusters receives MIDI input from a MIDI keyboard controller, or other MIDI input device, and outputs a generated sequence of MIDI notes in response
Monty Hall Simulator A generative music maker based on the conundrum from the American game show Lets Make a Deal which puzzled mathematicians in the 1990s after Marilyn Vos Savant claimed a contestant always improves their chances of winning from 1/3 to 2/3 by switching boxes
Mutating Sequence Generator Generates a random midi sequence that can mutate and evolve
Minimalism Wizard Takes as an input one or more bars of MIDI notes, and then transforms them according to various minimalism techniques from the late 60’s / 70’s such as phasing, note substraction, note length, plus scale modification and global transposing
Reich Phasing Steve Reich style phasing example. Melody is based on the first theme of Piano Phase (1967). Script generates a midi output that consists of two versions of the same melody, with one playing slightly faster than the other

Scripts that generate notes on pad, knob or XY interaction, using Moazic like a special keyboard:

nExXxT Up to 8 independant note robin-round pads (or played with external triggering)
Emoji Pad Pad keyboard with a twist: The consonance / dissonance of the keys relative to the last key pressed will be shown as weather emojis
myHarpx Play notes and chords defined by the slider using the XY pad
Samchillian Interval keyboard with sequencer with key velocity and swing, adapted from McDs Meesha 1.2 script
Meesha – Intervalic Pads Interval keyboard with sequencer inspired by the new Eventide “Misha” hardware MIDI Controller

Scripts for generating or remapping of drum notes:

DMachine Rhythmic companion to the melodic ZMachine script, outputs 4 complex rhythms using a single notes.
DMR-16 The Drum Machine Remapper script allows to remap drum notes using midi learn
Topograph 1.0 The 10-Track drum sequencer (inspired by Bastl Instrument’s Kompas Module) features a mixture between euclidean and generative sequencing
Joc-euclidean-rhythm Easy to use euclidean rhythm sequencer a for single drum channel or to feed Joc Melody Maker
BeatMarble XY (For any Drum/Percussion) A crossbreed of a Turing Machine sequencer and an Euclidean sequencer, made for drums. BeatMarble XY is not specialised on a particular drum type
BeatMarble SD (For Snares and Claps) A crossbreed of a Turing Machine sequencer and an Euclidean sequencer, made for drums. BeatMarble SD is specialized on playing Snare Drums or Claps
BeatMarble HH (For Hihats) A crossbreed of a Turing Machine sequencer and an Euclidean sequencer, made for drums. BeatMarble HH is specialized on playing Hihats
Beatmarble BD (For bass drums) A crossbreed of a Turing Machine sequencer and an Euclidean sequencer, made for drums. BeatMarble BD is specialized on playing Bass Drums
Remap Multi-Channel Midi Drums Remap 8 drum trigger channels (from GR-16,Attack,BeatHawk or Poly2) to new notes preserving velocity of the original notes
Split&Remap Rozeta X0X/Rhythm Split the 8 drum notes of Rozeta X0X or Rhythm onto separate midi channels and remap to new output notes

Scripts modifying or generating midi CC events:

CC Pulsar Convert incomming CCs into outgoing notes sync’ed to the DAW’s BMP with probablility, length, volume, swing and PPQN
CC Composer Convert incomming CCs into outgoing notes with density, length, velocity and probability settings
Maparoni Remap all Notes and CCs (and between them) with a single instance
TraCCkeys Converts incoming notes between note C2 (48) and C4 (72) into outgoing CC’s
Mega CC Randomizer Send random values for CC 0 through 119 on the channels you select with the pads
LFOs Configure upto 16 independent LFOs with inter-modulation option
Pure 9CC Morph Pad Customizable CC morphing pad for nine CC values based on Pure Piano's morph pad idea
CC Trigger to Notes Sending notes from CC sources. It can be used from apps such as, which converts various sensor data into MIDI CC streams.
EAS Staircase LFO Creates a stairstep-like output from an LFO useful for creating stepped phaser and stepped filter effects
CC Gradual Glide  Inserted between CC sender and CC receiver, CC values will change at a consistent pace towards the destination value
Slider Divider Convert a range of notes to a range of CC values, for instance to control the ribbon-control slider of eventide FX plugins
MIDI CC Up-Down Pads Increment or decrement the CC listed on the top row of pads
Rhythm CC Allows to set up a series of points and send an LFO between them
cc-banks A convenience tool that allows to easily map knobs to cc messages
KEY to CC Send CC values by playing notes. The full CC range can be spread over smaller note-range.
Complex LFO XY Send out four MIDI CC messages after you start the host app, two are shown on the XY Pad.
Joc-p-lock-symphony Produces some fairly sophisticated, rhythmical CC sequences
Envelope+ Envelope+ creates and processes up to 32 CC envelopes
PhaseCCMaker PhaseCCMaker creates and processes up to 32 phase patterns
Joc CC quantiser Choose between 1 and 8 values to quantise CC messages passing through
Sample & Hold Contains two independent MIDI CC Sample and Hold devices
CC Processor Four independent CC processors, each with control over CC level and ballistics in the style of West Coast control voltage processors made by Buchla, Serge, and others
Chaos LFO Utilizes Lorenz and Rössler differential equations—which are known for having chaotic solutions under certain starting conditions—to generate three unpredictable cyclic MIDI CC LFOs called X, Y, and Z
MIDI CC Randomizer and Scenes Randomize, tweak, store, and recall cc value sets
Scenic Sequencer Create scenes based on values set for a set of controllers (MIDI CC) as well as MIDI thru handling per channel. Create a sequence of these, controlling (e.g. launching) clips, AU parameters in a host like AUM
RelativeCC Receives relative cc values from midi controller and outputs them as absolute
MIDI ADSR Note-triggered ADSR envelope for sending MIDI CC values
MIDI Morph Pad Save scenes of CC values and morph between them

Scripts modifying or generating midi controller events like after-touch, pitch bend, or if the scripts modifies more than CCs:

MIDI Panic Broadcaster Sends “MIDI Panic” when host stops or when Shift is pressed
Tempo Controller Emits pitch bend events to control AUMs tempo between 40 and 200bpm
MPE Pitchbend adapter Adapts different pitchbend ranges for MPE controllers
AftertouchScaler Provides a knob to scale the incoming aftertouch
Expression Redirector Convert Channel Aftertouch and MPE Controller Output to MIDI CC streams
Scene Master Outputs cc-messages for pattern and scene switches synced to the hosts timeline, configurable length per scene
MultiChannelProgramChanger Sends program and bank change messages to all the selected channels
MidiCensor Block midi by message category and by channel
Mr. Vibe – MIDI Vibrato Enables expressive “playing” of LFOs to send pitch bend and modulation to synths
Multi MIDI Scaler Provides scaling of up to 10 CC/Channel combinations and note velocities
Sustain Toolkit Provides editable piano-type sustain for MIDI apps that do not record controllers
MIDI Breath Converter Translator for MIDI Wind/Breathcontroller into any other CC, Aftertouch, Velocity, PolyAftertouch
MPE Multiplexer Map and combine MPE's CC-74 and pitch-bend data into a single channel value
Bipolar MIDI Scaler Scale incoming CC or note velocities to a given range with added bias
MIDI Scaler Squish CC values or note velocity to a given range
Basic MIDI Controls  Provides configurable surfaces for sending CC and Program Change values
Agogo Shuffle Randomly skip through synth presets with PC commands and manage favorites
Joc PC on the BEAT Grid of pads that send out configurable program change messages
ControlChain Package containing _ControlConverter_, _ChannelSwitcher_, _CurveMaker_, _Quadruplicator_, _Triplicator_, _Sostenuto_, _BipolarSplitter_, _DataReducer_
_ControlConverter_ Transform the four input controls (AfterTouch, Modwheel,Breath or Expression) to any other control you might need
_CurveMaker_ Easily create response curves for five midi controls (AfterTouch, Modwheel,Breath, Expression, Velocity)
_Quadruplicator_ Sends output from the chosen controller to the four live midi controllers aftertouch, modwheel, breath and expression
_Triplicator_ Duplicates the output from the chosen controller to breath, cc 2. A triplicate can be sent to aftertouch, modwheel or expression
_Sostenuto_ Use your sustain pedal, pitchbend up or any cc to hold the notes currently playing
_BipolarSplitter_ Send a high precission 14 bit cc pair with your pitchbender. One cc for down and the higher cc for up
_DataReducer_ Clamps down an overactive CC controller to a more sensible rate of transmission
Sustain Pedal Provides sustain pedal support for those synths that lack it
Aftertouch to CC Convert Channel Aftertouch (Channel Pressure) to a Midi CC

Scripts working together with a specific application:

AUM Transport Control Control AUMs playback featuring standard controls, play markers, loop regions and hostbar/beat display
MashOpErator A sample buffer shuffling masher to use with Drambo Flexi Sampler or Koala Sampler
SGP MIDI Filter Allows Steel Guitar Pro to be used as a “Slide” MIDI controller for apps that support pitch bends of 12 semi-tones
TweenMachine – AUM CC Tweener Up to 16 buttons that fade between two values on different CCs to drive AUMs midi controllable functions
FlipMaster The script allows to setup up to 16 CCs for AUM node toggles of a mute state group
EucalyptusRound Robin and Velocity Sensitive Multi-Samples for Koala Sampler
Stutter steps for external controllersAllows to maps external controllers to Koala‘s stutter steps
Pure Acid Bassline pattern selector Easily map and switch patterns in Pure Acid bassline in AUM using AU parameters
Pure Acid drum machine pattern selector Easily map and switch patterns in Pure Acid drum machine in AUM using AU parameters
ZoaLocity Converts channels of notes given out by ZOA into velocity and CC values
MozChoke Provides choke groups for FAC DrumKit
Hammerhead Pattern Triggers Scipt to trigger patterns on Hammerhead Rhythm Station
ATOM Pattern Switcher & Randomizer Pattern switcher for Atom Pianoroll² with randomization to generate melody and beat variations
BPM Changer Allows to change host BPM making use of sending timed “tap tempo” notes that can be learned by hosts
Loopy Pal Controls Loopy's loop mute state, volume and pan and lets you create and switch between loopsets
Loopy Endless Turns Loopy into a look-ahead looper/flight recorder style looper/ take recorder
Gauss 8 Track Multi-track tape-style looping controlling Gauss AUv3 instances in AUM
StepPolyArp Pattern Selector Allows to switch SPAU pattern
MidiGuitar 2 to GeoSwam Converts MidiGuitar 2 midi to play dSWAM GeoSax
Krupka Seq (sane) Better and more advanced version of the FM step sequencer for DX / Dixie
Krupka Seq (insane) An attempt at a FM step sequencer for DX / Dixie with weird results
DX / Dixie randompatch Very basic patch randomiser for DX / Dixie
Dixtructa Dixie / DX7 patch destroyer Mutate KQ Dixie/DX7 patches by sending several parameters at once via sysex messages
CueDpattern Built for sequencing patterns in Drambo
Drambo Circuit Enabler Makes the knobs of the Novation Circuit available to Drambo
Pure Acid Pattern Changer from MIDI Notes Converts note data to program change on the correct channels for Pure Acid
Loopy Record on Note Received Helper script for Loopy like the “Wait for Note’ that some MIDI recorders offer to start recording when the first note is received
Loopy Mute Control Muting/unmuting Loopy tracks and loopsets
Simple Scaler Controller Control script for 'Simple Scaler' Mozaic script
EventideRibbonPlayer Change the position of the slider in the Eventide apps by key played on a midi keyboard
QVox Companion Key changer for QVox
Cality Companion Root changer for Cality
MONONOKE Smart Tunings Extends Mononokes expression possibilities by offering 4 user defined tunings
Spectrum Parameter Randomizer Spectrum Parameter Randomizer is a tool for generating random patches for Spectrum, the amazing FREE AUv3 port of Mutable Instruments eurorack modules by Burns Audio
ReSlice randomizer A MIDI processor which is made to work in conjunction with an external sequencer and ReSlice sampler
ZachteMan Demo in trying to re-creating a ZachteMan on iOS using ENSO to simulate the walkman
Ruismaker Loopers Records input on the 16 pads and triggers Ruismaker (and Ruismaker FM) notes
Rompler for OB-Xd Script to select and send patches to OB-Xd synth app via CC Midi

Scripts meant to work with a specific external hardware:

Pro-1600 Routing and voice allocation for Behringer Pro-800 pair configuration
BaNKsi Banking and controller position pickup script for NanoKontrol2 (and others)
Launchpad Mini Mk1/2 Scale Keyboard Visualize scale and (optionally) quantize the pads of the LP Mini Mk1/Mk2
Launchpad Mini Mk3 Scale Keyboard Visualize scale and (optionally) quantize the pads of the LP Mini Mk3
Launchpad Mini Mk3 Drum Sequencer 4 channel drum sequencer for the LP Mini Mk3
Launchpad Mini Mk1/2 Drum Sequencer 4 channel drum sequencer for the LP Mini Mk1/Mk2
Launchpad X Drum Sequencer 4 channel drum sequencer for the LP X
Roland T-8 Program Change Sequencer Adds pattern sequencing functionality to the Roland Aira T-8
Launchpad Mini Mk3 Text Scroller Display user-defined scrolling text on the led-pads of the LP Mini MK3
Controller Template Map external CCs into Mozaic UI and to actual CCs of an instrument
OrbMonoHelper Allows to play Mononoke Synth with an Artiphon Orba 2
Orba_Rig Maps Orba “Bass Mode” notes to SamChillan/Eventide Misha pad layout
Controller Tracker and Snapshots Tracks CC, BS, PC and PB messages and allows to save/restore snapshots and restores on session reload
Midi Bank Offset Remapping of smaller controllers (Launchpad Mini, LPD8 etc) to 64 pads
UNO Synth Pro – Envelopes Control Control the envelopes of the UNO Synth Pro
JV2080 Patch Browser Patch brwoser for JV2080
TouchMe Filter Set note velocity for Playtronica TouchMe depending on note-timing (Should work for any monophonic midi stream)
Launch Control XL LEDs Controls the leds on Novation Launch Control XL
Kawai Control Preset selector for Kawai K4
Sub37 Presets Subsequent 37 Preset Selector with note or CC Control for 16 banks x 16 presets
Minilogue XD Presets 2.0 Quick preset selection for MinilogueXD
MicroFreak Presets 2.0 Quick access to 16 user defined presets for the updated MicroFreak firmware
Linnstrulights 101 Calculates musical intervals and colours the pads of a Linnstrument according to interval and a set of predefined scales
Controller Feedback and Restore Stores any MIDI CCs sent through it, to bulk re-send them on host session reload to restore the HW controller
MS6 SysEx Performance Editor
     and Spatial Processor 
SysEx performance patch editor and spatial processor for the Cheetah MS6 hardware synth
Elektron Pattern Changer Send PC messages 0-127 on configurable MIDI channel for pattern changes on Elektron boxes
re.corder.moz MIDI tweaks and enhancements for the ARTinose re.corder wind controller
LaunchPad CC control Maps MIDI notes and their aftertouch played on LaunchPad X or LaunchPad Pro to CC messages
LP to MPE Turns Launchpad X and LaunchPad Pro into cheap MPE controllers
AKAI EWI-USB Performance & Controller AKAI EWI Settings Utility #2
AKAI EWI-USB Setup AKAI EWI Configuration Utility #1
Arturia-Novation-LED-Helper Adds support for for Arturia MiniLab Mk ii and Novation LaunchKey mini MK3 to „LaunchKey Helper“
Launchpad MK3 Lightshow Provides buttons to enable and disable the lights on the launchpad
Launchkey MK3 Session Mode for AUM Will activate the session mode of your Launchkey MK3 controller within AUM
Digitakt Que Mute/unmute(s) Digitakt tracks in sync to host bar, beat or pulse
Launchkey MK3 Utility Configure color behavior for Launchkey MK3 pads
LaunchKey Helper Utility for LaunckKey Mini Mark 2 to customize its pads and dials and make us of the pad colors to turn the pads into momentary or toggle buttons
Fast Sensel Morph Drum Remapper Remap the notes on a Sensel Morph Music Production overlay using the default MIDI template to various iOS drum apps
iRig BlueBoard Spacer Extends the BlueBoard control options from 4 to 4×4 buttons
MIDI Clock Tool Experimental plugin designed to multiply or divide MIDI Clock messages to or from external hardware or apps
VolcaDrumPatchDesigner A patch editor designed for the Volca Drum
iConnectAUDIO4+ analog inputs
     volume control
Proof of concept for manipulating the four analog inputs volume values with the first four knobs, and the four pads for the mutes.
BlueBoard Switch Ramper Responds to cc triggers from iRig BlueBoard, sending the received cc’s in a configurable ramp
Machinedrum Part Randomizer Randomly pick a machine and machine parameters per page for the Elektron Machinedrum. Great for finding new ideas in this deep, deep machine.
MIDIPlus SmartPAD Unlocker Unlocks MIDIPlus SmartPADs MIDI controllers into Ableton mode
VOLCA DRUM PATCH ASSISTANT Patch editor, repository and general sidekick for the Korg Volca Drum
Seq8: Launchpad Step Sequencer Seq8 is a 8×8 step sequencer for the Novation Launchpad
CC to “ROLAND JUNO 106” Sysex This script receives external CC values and converts them to JUNO 106 sysex. You can control every sliders from an external controller
eDrum Monitor Script to help setting up eDrum triggers by animating velocities using the sliders as bar graph meters so that sensitivity and cross-triggering can be optimised
MWS-BOS(S)2BULL Convert a Boss FC-50 MIDI foot controller into a passable set of monophonic MIDI bass pedals to control the bass synth of your choice (possibly a Moog Taurus emulator)
MS6 Control Panel Provides voice parameter access for a Cheetah MS6 hardware synth with Kristofer Maad v1.3 custom firmware

Scripts displaying midi events or host clock:

Midi Monitor and Filter 16 PAD’s to enable the Logging/Filtering/PassThrough of MIDI Events on a per event type basis
Midi-Monitor-Filter-Logger Log and and pass through midi events by type
Track Time Calculator Calculates the total track length based on host tempo and up to 16 variable sized sections
SysEx Dump Simple hexadecimal value dump for incoming System Exclusive MIDI messages
Big Host Clock Big number display of current HostBar and HostBeat. If the hosts timeline is running, an additional dots display visualized 1/16th
Active Notes Tracker Display all active notes of all channels on 16 pads either sorted by note number or in the play-order. Sample for the Active Notes Tracker (Include) snippet
Note Statistics Samples number of occurencies of each of the 12 notes and sums up their duration in 1/32th note divisions according to the host tempo

Syntax highlighting/code completion for externa text editors, script includes and snippets:

4Devs: ‘Mozaic Language Support’
     for Code Text Editors
Enhances external code text editors with syntax highlighting, jump markers, code completion, templates and full Mozaic language validation
4Devs: Migration Manager (Include) Migrate script parameters between different script versions
4Devs: Pad & Shift Manager (Include) Multi-pad or shift button single-tab/double-tab/hold interaction support script with user functions, intended to be easily included into your own scripts
4Devs: NoteStateTracking (Example) Shows how to implement note state tracking to enable functions acting on active notes only. Double NoteOn / NoteOff inputs are easily detected and filtered out
4Devs: Midi State Debugger A debugging tool to produce a summarized state overview of all midi events received on all channels
Double Tap and Hold Snippet for Mozaic that implements double-tap and tap-and-hold gestures on the pads

Below are user-created scripts mostly made available prior to the official script repository’s establishment. You may make scripts available by posting below.

Please list plugins as bulleted items. One line max, suggested. If anything more than a one line description is needed, please make a link to a dedicated page and create it.

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