miRack is a polyphonic Eurorack-style modular environment. It aims to provide user experience and audio quality close to those of the real Eurorack hardware. miRack can be used to build custom synthesizers, audio and MIDI effects, control other apps and equipment, as a playground to explore and learn modular synths, and for live performances. (from the App Store description)

App type: App and AUv3

App store link:

Developer: mifki Limited

Developer AB Forum Handle: @mifki

Host Clock Sync

When running as a plugin miRack can be synced (or not) to the host clock. Setup can be somewhat unintuitive. Here are the most accurate and stable settings:

  • Add the host sync module if not already present.
  • Double click on the module title to bring up the menu and set CLOCK Rate to Beat / 8.
  • Add the Clocked module.
  • Patch host sync Clock to Clocked BPM (yes, this is correct!)
  • Tap Mode + until P8 is displayed in the LCD. This tells Clocked to set the bpm based on the Beat / 8 setting we made in the host sync module.
  • Double-tap the Clocked module title and and set Momentary RUN Input to on (checkmark).
  • Patch Run from host sync to Clocked Run.
  • (optional) patch host sync Stop to Clocked Reset.

(This may be a temporary workaround. As of 2023-12-28 the clock output from the Link module is unstable, and there doesn't seem to be any way start/stop transport or set the tempo from within miRack.)

The following steps apply to each miRack instance:

  1. Go to miRack settings and enable Link and Link Start/Stop.
  2. Add the Link module.
    1. Don't patch it to anything.
    2. Double-tap the module title to bring up the menu and enable “Use for Transport Control” and “Enable Link Start/Stop”.
  3. Add the host sync module (yes, even if in standalone mode).
    1. Bring up the module menu and set CLOCK Rate to Beat / 8.
  4. Add the Clocked module.
    1. Bring up the module menu and set Momentary RUN Input on (checked).
    2. Tap the BPM Mode + button until P8 is displayed. This tells Clocked to use the host sync beat / 8 output.
    3. Patch host sync Run to Clocked Run and Clock to Clocked BPM. (Yes, this is correct.)

Use another app such as AUM to start/stop transport and set BPM.

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