Loopy Pro: Troubleshooting Your First Loop

If you are running into problems getting started, this page is intended to help you get started. If things don't work out as described, the problems you encounter will provide clues about what is going wrong.

* Completely power down your device (using "slide to power off") rather than just putting it to sleep
* Disconnect all peripherals
* Power up your device

Headphones are recommended when using Loopy Pro with a microphone (to avoid feedback and maximize audio playback)

  • Plug in your headphone
  • Launch Loopy Pro
  • Create a new project
  • Choose Clip Settings from the main menu
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose Restore Defaults
  • Choose System Settings from Loopy's main menu and make sure Multiroute Audio is turned OFF.
  • Pop-up loopy's mixer
  • If the mic input channel is muted, unmute it
  • Check the level: speak or sing at the level you want to record at. If you say any red in the meters, lower the input channel's fader
  • You can close the mixer now so that you have the clips area available at full size.
  • Put your finger down on an empty loop (but don't remove it yet)
  • When ready to start recording, remove your finger and start speaking or singing
  • Slightly ahead of when you want the recording to step, put your finger back down on the clip.
  • Remove your finger at the moment that you want the recording to end.

The clip you just recorded should be playing back distortion free.

This video demonstrates what should happen. You can watch it at full size on YouTube.

If you perform the steps described above and something different happens than what is shown in the video, please create a screen recording (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207935) to demonstrate what happens.

When making your screen recording:

  • please include a view of the System Settings by choosing System Settings from Loopy Pro's main menu
  • please show the input channel's settings (by tapping on the input channel's icon at the top of the channel) so that we can see the mic choice and other settings.

The Loopy Pro Manual has some helpful information about recording the first loop.

These videos might be helpful, too:

  • Michael’s recording tips
  • Max Yar’s tips for recording acoustic guitar loops
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