Loopy Pro: AUv3 Presets

Any presets you can see in Loopy's preset popup menu will be available to its preset actions. Tap on the folder icon at the top of the AUv3 to see the presets Loopy can see.

Some AUv3 have proprietary preset-saving methods and do not make their internal presets visible to the host app or make only a subset of their presets visible.

If Loopy Pro's preset menu does not show the same presets for the AUv3 as the AUv3 shows internally, the AUv3 is not making its presets visible to the host and you will need to add them manually. Loopy's preset actions apply to the presets visible in its preset menu.

To add a preset to Loopy's preset list:

  • choose the preset in the AUv3,
  • tap on the folder icon in the AUv3 title bar,
  • tap New to add the preset to Loopy Pro's preset list.
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