Guitar Amp Sim Discussions

Guitar amp sims are a popular topic of discussion on the Audiobus Forum. This article lists threads that may be of interest if you are searching for opinions and thoughts about iOS amp simuluations.

Please add links to Audiobus Forum threads that may be of interest to people wanting to read about amp sims and hear examples.

THU Holy Grail For Fender Sound - long thread with much discussion of TH-U from Overloud. Many discussions of the various IAPs and also links to sound examples.

GUitar App Sales: Nembrini vs Overloud vs

Rhino Guitar Amp from Aurora DSP - discussion started August 2021 upon release of an early beta.

Add links to video and audio demonstrations in this section – or Aubiobus Forum threads that prominently feature demonstrations.

Florent Roux has posted many demos of iOS amp sims in action on his YouTube channel.

Florent Roux “Clean Amp” demos that moved me to *must buy now* action, Jackson.

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