AudioLayer EXS Import

This article describes a method for importing EXS24 format sample instruments into AudioLayer by VirSyn.


  1. Download the General_User_GS_1.471 EXS zip file from the website in Safari. You can use “open in” choose Files🏪 app, choose the directory in AudioShare🏪 where you want to store it. I have setup a folder in AudioShare/Apps/AudioLayer/EXS24 to store these files.
  2. Unzip the file to get access to the EXS24 files.
  3. Move the main folder General User GS 1.471 (EXS) containing the EXS24 and samples into the AudioLayer folder using the Files app.
  4. In the Files app, double tap the EXS instrument file to open the instrument you want in the AudioLayer app.
  5. AudioLayer will import the samples and load them into AudioLayer.
  6. Load any other instruments you want into AudioLayer by repeating step 4.


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