Help my friend tell his story

  • Please help my friend to tell his story.
  • He has spent his life supporting people in the mental health system so they can work towards having a more fulfilling life.
  • He has saved my life several times.
  • He's been on the front lines fighting with those who have PTSD including the survivors of Katrina during his first year as an LCSW.
  • He has kidney and liver failure due to blood clots in his kidneys.
  • Facing the prospect of having his life unexpectedly cut short due to the genetic hand he was dealt is overwhelming.
  • He’s a cancer survivor, is currently on dialysis, and his future is precarious.
  • We have been best friends since we met almost 25 years ago.
  • His spouse is especially distraught.
  • Any encouragement and support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Help My Friend Tell His Story

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