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 +====== Using Audiobus to Sync GarageBand with Link Enabled Apps ======
 +GarageBand doesn’t support Ableton Link, but it can send MIDI clock. Audiobus now has the ability to receive MIDI clock and bridge to Link. By combining GarageBand and Audiobus it’s possible to sync all apps together.
 +NOTE: GarageBand must be the tempo master. It doesn’t respond to tempo changes from Audiobus or Link.
 +  - Load GarageBand into an output position in Audiobus on the Audio page.
 +  - In GarageBand go to Settings (the wrench icon) > Advanced, and turn on **Send MIDI Clock**.
 +  - On the AudioBus MIDI page, add **Virtual MIDI Bridge** into an input position. It doesn’t need to have anything connected on the output position.
 +  - In Audiobus Settings > Sync Settings > MIDI Clock Sync, under **MIDI Clock Sources**, enable **Virtual MIDI**
 +  - In Audiobus Settings > Sync Settings > Ableton Link, enable **Ableton Link** and **Sync Start / Stop**.
 +  - In Audiobus Settings > Sync Settings, enable **Audiobus App Start/Stop**.
 +That should do it. Apps should follow GarageBand’s tempo (But ... not the other way around).
 +== Tags ==
 +{{tag>GarageBand Link Sync Audiobus}}
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