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 +====== SunVox ======
 +From the App Store: "SunVox is one of the most powerful music creation tools for iOS. It is a small and fast cross-platform modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker)."
 +It can be run as both an AUv3 and IAA app. As an IAA app, it can be used as an audio effect.
 +SunVox can be used with or without its built-in tracker (sequencer) as a modular synthesizer and custom effects unit.
 +**App type**: App and AUv3
 +**App store link**: [[https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sunvox/id324462544|{{:appstoreblue.png?30|}}]]
 +**Developer**: [[https://warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/|Alexander Zolotov]]
 +**Developer AB Forum Handle**: 
 +===== Videos =====
 +  * [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62F503E7722DB7CC|SolarLune Video Tutorials]] - extensive tutorial series for SunVox
 +  * [[https://www.youtube.com/user/NightRadio2007|Alexander Zolotov's YouTube Channel]]
 +  * [[https://youtu.be/S-MWFvguE4U|SunVox MIDI FX in Audiobus 3]]
 +===== Tips and Tricks =====
 +==== Using as an IAA Effect in AUM ====
 +<sup>//From Littlewoodg://</sup>\\ 
 +SunVox allows you to create your own custom effects processors -- custom delay, echo, reverb and distortion effects -- and a lot more.
 +Currently, to use SunVox to process external audio, it must be used in standalone (IAA) mode. To use SunVox as an audio effect processor in AUM:
 +  - Open SunVox in standalone mode.
 +  - Add the Input module in SunVox.
 +  - Go to AUM.
 +  - Add SunVox Filter (IAA) to FX slot on an AUM channel strip.
 +This same process should work in other hosts as well.
 +==== Enable host sync in AUv3 ==== 
 +<sup>//From Carnbot://</sup>\\ 
 +To get AU sync options, go to project properties where there's the option to receive sync from other sources (AU) start/Stop, Tempo and position.
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