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 +====== Mozaic Flow Script Details and Tutorial ======
 +This page will attempt to demystify the amazing Flow Mozaic script by @Peblin. There'​s a lot packed into this script and it may seem complicated to understand at first, but once one begins to use it, things fall into place.
 +===== What is Flow? =====
 +Flow records and plays back up to seven MIDI note loops, singly or in combination. If you're familiar with audio loopers such as Loopy, the idea is similar. Record a loop and play it back. Record additional loops to go with it, repeat. Only in this case, since the data is MIDI notes rather than recorded audio, editing is easier.
 +===== Why do I Need it? =====
 +There'​s nothing about a MIDI looper that can't be accomplished in a DAW by looping patterns, or even in a piano roll looper such as Atom. But, it's a quick and fun, possibly more spontaneous way of creating, possibly avoiding some of the distractions and/or perfectionism that more powerful editing environments can introduce. It may or may not be your thing. But it could be worth trying out.
 +==== Flow Basics ====
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