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 ===== Additional Info ===== ===== Additional Info =====
   * [[|Mozaic Manual]] //(Excellent reading)//   * [[|Mozaic Manual]] //(Excellent reading)//
-  * [[|Audiobus Forum Release Announcement Thread]] +  * [[|Audiobus Forum Release Announcement Thread]] //(Information about Nozaic and script updates, script replease postings)// 
- ==== User Contributed Scripts ==== +  [[|Request new mozaic scripts here]] //(Place to post new ideas that might be picked up and realized by script authors)// 
-An official [[|Mozaic user script repository]] has been established at [[|]]+  * [[|Learn to program Mozaic]] //(Workshop thread)// 
 +  * [[|'Mozaic Language Support’ for Code Text Editors]] //(Syntax highlighting, jump markers, code completion, templates and full Mozaic language validation)//
-Below are user-created scripts mostly made available prior to the official script repository’s establishment. You may make scripts available by posting below.+There is also a wiki page containing [[mozaic_tips_and_tricks|Mozaic Scripting Tips & Tricks]]
-Please list plugins as bulleted itemsOne line max, suggestedIf anything more than a one line description is needed, please make a link to a dedicated page and create it.+===== User Scripts ===== 
 +An official [[|Mozaic user script repository]] has been established at [[|]] hosting more than 100 scripts.
-  [[|Rhythmic MIDI Echo]] by @wim +The **[[mozaic_scripts_list|Mozaic Scripts List]]** wiki page offers a categorized list of all available scripts.
-  * [[|Velocity MIDI Echo]] by @wim +
-  [[|MIDI Channel Changer Pads]] by @wim +
-  [[|Dynamic Scale Quantizer]] by @wim +
-  * [[|Strummer]] by @rrc2soft [[]] +
-  * [[|Chordpeggio]] by @rrc2soft +
-  * [[|Chordmagic]] by @NoonienS [[]] +
-  * [[|Euclidean Rythms for OP-Z ]] by @Synthesaurio +
-  * [[|Multi CC Morph Pad]] by @wim +
-  * [[|MIDI CC Randomizer]] Send random values for 20 MIDI cc’s at the tap of a buttonBy @wim +
-  * [[|minimalism wizard]] by @rrc2soft. There is a [[|demo video]]!+
-Even more scripts found in [[|this forum thread]] +{{tag>Mozaic midi_scripting au au_midi_fx}}
- +
- +
-{{tag>scripting midi_scripting au_midi_fx}}+
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