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 +====== Hard and Soft Device Reset ======
 +When you are having trouble, it is sometimes necessary to reboot your iDevice to get things working. First try a [[memory reset]]. If that does not work, a soft or a hard reboot may be necessary.
 +**Soft Reset**: (like hibernating a laptop): Long-press Power button until 'slide to power off' slider appears, slide to power off. Data in memory is restored at boot.
 +**Hard Reset**: (like powering a laptop off, then on): Long-press Power button and Home until you see it start to restart with Apple logo, but keep holding Power and Home until screen goes black and stays black. Then restart with power button.
 +See also: [[Memory Reset]]
 +(thanks to [[https://​forum.audiob.us/​discussion/​comment/​643594/#​Comment_643594|@Ocelot and @aplourde]] and [[https://​forum.audiob.us/​discussion/​comment/​643615/#​Comment_643615|@marmakin]])
 +{{tag>​iOS troubleshooting}}
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