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Groove Rider GR-16

Groove Rider GR-16(App Store Link) from JimAudio is an IAA groovebox app inspired by hardware groovebokes like the Korg Electribe.

Patterns and Sounds Preview (from developer Jim Pavlov)

Getting Started - The Sound Test Room

Nu-Trix Synth Guy’s Walk-Through

Save, Create and Rename Patterns - The Sound Test Room

Chaining Patterns - The Sound Test Room

Creating a Drum and Bass Groove - Electronisounds

Living Breathing Moving Drums - Electronisounds

Export the Beatmaker 3 - Electronisounds

Live Jam


Techno IAP Plus Some Nice Tips and Tricks - The Sound Test Room

Tips from DB909 on the Audiobus Forum:

  1. Hold shift while dragging a knob or slider for fine tuning. Works great for subtle automation. Holding shift to fine tune works for the jog wheel too. I find this necessary when adjusting groove and velocity stuff.
  2. When you’re wanting to automate knobs, you have to press record and THEN touch the knob. If you hit record while already touching the knob it won’t record.
  3. Easiest way to copy then paste a pattern for new variations is to always be in the last pattern slot. That way you can just hit copy, press down arrow to go to empty slot, then paste and write.
  4. You can move instrument positions on the pads, by holding and dragging the instrument name on the mixer page
  5. The above becomes necessary when you want to use the erase tool while playing the touchpad scale to punch in record or continuously jam until the loop is just right. Not very ergonomic if the Pad you’re erasing is right below the touchpad.
  6. Don’t forget that the settings for the send fx can be tweaked in the pattern menu.
  7. Most of the menu options can be selected by double tapping and then choosing from a little pop up menu

To Chain Patterns wim shares this tip about chaining patterns;

  1. Turn Chain Mode on under Settings
  2. Under Pattern, set the pattern you want to chain to under Chain To
  3. Optionally set the number of times you want the pattern to loop before chaining with “Chain Repeat”

There are quite a few GR-16 discussions on the Audiobus Forum here are a few in which there is some gold buried:

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