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 ===== Additional Info ===== ===== Additional Info =====
-GeoShred is a unique, expressive musical instrument, which models the physics of a real guitar and makes it possible for everyone to shred. +A winner of a 2019 Guthman New Musical Instrument Award
- +
-A winner of a 2019 Guthman New Musical Instrument Award, and a winner of the 2017 Electronic Musician Editor'​s Choice Award as "one of the most innovative, groundbreaking products to emerge in the past twelve months"​. +
-GeoShred’s performance surface with “almost magic” pitch rounding algorithms is coupled with a model of the physics of strings, support for AUv3, MIDI In/Out, MPE and 3D Touch. It’s a fusion of Jordan Rudess’ performance concepts and moForte’s powerful, modeled guitar/​effects based on the Physical Modeling research of Dr. Julius O. Smith III of Stanford/​CCRMA. Add to that, incredible support for MIDI/MPE which makes GeoShred both a powerful synth and a formidable MIDI/MPE controller! +
- +
-With GeoShred 3.0, everyone can shred using the diatonic playing surface! You can Shred the Blues and never hit a wrong note. Slide your finger in any direction and let the magic happen using a scale that fits perfectly against a backing track +
- +
-GeoShred Pro Version 3.0 Features Include: +
-• A fluidly expressive playing surface + a Physically modeled guitar +
-• Au3 plugin support on devices running iOS 11.4 or greater +
-• Intelligent pitch rounding +
-• A diatonic keyboard where every key on the screen is in the scale. +
-• MIDI IN/OUT and MPE support +
-• MIDI control using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, virtual MIDI and all digital interfaces +
-• MIDI configuration presets +
-• 3D touch on iPhones that support 3D touch +
-• Customizable control surface can be mapped to physical MIDI Controls +
-• Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support. +
-• Backing tracks from the iTunes library +
-• Multiple Modeled effects +
-• Modeled feedback and VCF effects +
-• Echo, a unique looper and multi-tap echo +
-• Finger vibrato, slide and fret scraping +
-• Unique mono mode using intervals of multiple strings. +
-• Built in Arpeggiator +
-• Alternative tunings +
-• Support for world scales and temperaments including Indian Ragas, Arabic and Balinese scales. +
-• Easily share presets with friends+
 +Winner of the 2017 Electronic Musician Editor'​s Choice Award
 == Tags == == Tags ==
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