Free IOS apps (many with IAP or potentially subscription approaches to create revenue for the developers). Apps are sorted by developer name.

Developer APP iTunes Store Link
Amazing Noises DubFilter
Apple GarageBand
Audeonic Apps mfxMonitor
Audible Genius Primer synth
Audible Genius Syntorial
Audio Damage, Inc. Rough Rider 2
Audio Damage, Inc. FuzzPlus 3
AudioKit Synth One
Imaginando Lda DLYM - Delay Modulator
Klevgränd produkter AB Svep - phaser, flanger, chorus
Neon Silicon GyroVibe
Neon Silicon LRC5
Neon Silicon CuSnP
Ngo Minh Ngoc Stereo Lag Time
Rodrigo Roman Physicles
Rodrigo Roman sequencism
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH Cubasis LE 2 (1)
Sugar Bytes GmbH Aparillo


(1) Requires a supported hardware device or will be in demo mode.


(Feel free to add more and also add iTunes Store Links)

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