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 ===== Additional Info ===== ===== Additional Info =====
 [[https://​sugar-bytes.de/​factory-ipad|Factory - Modular Synth Home Page]] [[https://​sugar-bytes.de/​factory-ipad|Factory - Modular Synth Home Page]]
 +===== FAQ =====
 +Here are some frequently asked questions about Factory.
 +**How does one prevent patches playing on select if they automagically play when selected?**
 +[[https://​forum.audiob.us/​discussion/​comment/​640367/#​Comment_640367|per animal]]: "​...under the right MASTER Fader is a button, which reads OFF, when there is a self-running patch (s&h playing the patch). Press this button and choose Env1. After this only keyboardpresses will make sounds again. Cheers, t"
 {{tag>​synthesizer AUv3 stub}} {{tag>​synthesizer AUv3 stub}}
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