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Music by AB Forum Members

This small addon to the “Creations” category allow to find the tracks of a given member published on different places in the Internet.
If you would like to share links to your compositions with others please add yourself to the list.
In case of question or suggestion please write in this thread.

Instruction is at the bottom below the table. If you have trouble adding yourself, please feel free to send me a private message (including links and possible description), then I will add an entry.

Profile Links Description
3sleeves Bandcamp, Youtube, AppleMusic, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, Instagram, PatchStorage, Multi-instrumentalist, beat oriented, heavy influence from funk, soul, rhythm and blues, boom bap hip hop, reggae, electronic, and experimental music. Mainly use iOS apps/devices, OP-1, Sensel Morph, and acoustic instruments in my workflow.

Aletheia BandCamp, Youtube Experimental, Ambient, Folk Instruments

branis (Dalek dan) Youtube, Spotify Electro Pop

Cuscolima SoundCloud Very experimental

dakti Web Tracks in various styles made in Garageband and Auxy Studio
DavidEnglish Youtube, SoundCloud, Web Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Improvised. Sometimes using alternative input devices and nontraditional tunings.
drcongo (Fast Ghost) Bandcamp Fast Ghost is my new project
DrYes Bandcamp I recommend “XmasX2” song recorded in Cubasis 3
DukeWonder Youtube, Spotify Instrumental EDM and hip-hop beats entirely on iOS. Heavily influenced by Daft Punk and Deadmau5. Focuses on sound design and mixing

Ecou (AShade Darker) SoundCloud Darksynth / Synthwave
Edward Alexander (the artist formerly known as Intrepolicious)YouTube, SoundCloud Experimental, Guitar & Synth, instrumental jams and demonstrations

Frenq HearThisAt

Girlvsworld (Spectator 6) Bandcamp, Spotify, AppleMusic Pop, New Wave, all iOS synths
George L youtube, Bandcamp industrial, drum and bass, black metal, dungeon synth, and erotic dark ambient ; mostly iOS and hardware



JanKun SoundCloud
jblock YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Web Progressive ambient and electronic music recorded on an iPad

klownshed (Meester Smeeeth) SoundCloud

LinearLineman SoundCloud, BandCamp Improvised Compositions

McM SoundCloud


oddSTAR SoundCloud, Web Ethereal, Downtempo, Electro Rock, Industrial, Dance

peanut_gallery SoundCloud Eclectic Electric Cinematic Synthy Pop
Pxlhg SoundCloud Various Noisy Attempts


Richtowns Youtube, SoundCloud iPad AV playground
Rodolfo (Another Alien) Youtube, Spotify, Web Electro Rock. Music entirely produced and mixed on an iPad

Satie (R.Kuhn) Bandcamp, Spotify, AppleMusic Experimental, Orchestral
sevenape BandCamp, Youtube Experimental, Ambient muck
sharifkerbage (INFrames) Spotify Ambient, Experimental
Spidericemidas SoundCloud
Svetlovska SoundCloud Dark Ambient. Witch House. Very experimental. A right old din, basically
swfarrington (No Emis) Bandcamp, SoundCloud Experimental Electropop, some classical stuff as well, all done with iOS synths
Stratocumulus Nimbostratus Web Electonica, Experimental, Ambient

Tahiche Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify Indie, I guess. Cigar guitars and drum machines
TimRussell SoundCloud

uglyskratch SoundCloud Mostly Sample-heavy Stuff in BM3; Beats, Breakbeat, Trip Hop Stuff






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