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Interviews with iOS music app Developers

This wiki page was created based on this thread. Latest interviews at the top.

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Interviews hosted by AudioProgramers Youtube

  • LINK Mark Watt creator of SpaceCraft Granular Synth ABF
  • LINK Chris Randall (co-owner of “Audio Damage”) about his life as an indie developer, what makes a successful product and his path into software development ABF

Interviews hosted by Jakob Haq / @jakoB_haQ Youtube

  • LINK Aron Lamm interview on iOS and Borderlands Granular
  • LINK Bram Bos - KOSMONAUT has it All ABF
  • LINK Matt Borstell (from “Blip Interactive Ltd”) tells about how the Obsidian is created in NanoStudio2 ABF
  • LINK Kai Aras tells about Volt Synth (short interview start at 17:00 min) ABF
  • LINK Johan Sundhage (from “Klevgr”) ABF
  • LINK Bram Bos - future of music apps?
  • [dead link] Andreas Steinholtz & Nis Wegmann (aka “Primal audio”) developers of FM4 ABF
  • [dead link] Jonatan Liljedahl (aka “Kymatica”) creator of AudioShare, SECTOR among others ABF
  • [dead link] Jarek Jacek (aka “BeepStreet”) creator of Sunrizer, Zeeon, Drambo ABF
  • [dead link] Nick Dika (aka “Taika Systems”) creator of Photophore Synth ABF

Interviews hosted by Matt Fecher / @analog_matt Youtube

  • LINK Geert Bevin about how Synth Apps are made at MOOG ABF
  • LINK MSimp Music App Maker & Sound Designer (MSXII, Ableton, NI) ABF
  • LINK Michael Tyson creator of Audiobus, Loopy, SampleBot and This forum :-P ABF
  • LINK Paul Batchelor creator of Soundpipe & Sporth, winner of SXSW Award
  • LINK Andy Bull creator of LayR ABF
  • LINK Josh Hodge about Learning VST and C++ Audio Programming ABF
  • LINK Oliver Greschke creator of Elastic Drums & Elastic FX ABF
  • LINK Mathieu Garcia (from “Intua”) creator of BeatMaker 3 featuring AB Forum Questions ABF1 , ABF2
  • LINK Yaron Karasik creator of Jam Looper & Disco Videos ABF , ABF2
  • LINK Dave Gibson (from “FutureSonic”) about AUv3 Plugins and Tips for New Devs ABF
  • LINK Alex Buga Top 5 app, Samplist ABF

Interviews hosted by Nu-Trix The Synth Guy Youtube

  • LINK Matthew Fecher - Making a better iOS music world!
  • LINK Tom Longabaugh (from “Eventide”) - Under the hood of Eventide's iOS apps
  • LINK Dustin and Brandon (from “Roland”) - What are Roland Zen Core, Zenology and Roland Cloud
  • LINK Dustin and Brandon (from “Roland”) - Zenbeats 1.2.3 - What's new?
  • LINK Bleass - the future of iOS music production
  • LINK Henny tha bizness and Kennard Garret - About House Mark 1
  • LINK Alex Matheu - Interview with developer of Glitchcore
  • LINK VARIOUS - Getting to know the people behind our music tools!

Interviews hosted by @SynthTalk are published at site

  • LINK TEAM of Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil - Ocenaudio is a fast and powerful Audio Editor
  • LINK Yuri Turov - On the making of Xynthesizr and Shoom for iOS ABF
  • LINK Patrick Kunz - The TAL-U-NO-LX Juno 60 Emulation is available on iOS
  • LINK Marek Bereza - Creator of the Koala Sampler
  • LINK Erik Sigth - Talks about Humbletune ABF
  • LINK Marcos Alonso - The Story behind Samplr; A Next-Level sampler instrument for iPad ABF1 , ABF2 , ABF3
  • LINK Mark Watt - An interview with creator of Spacecraft Granular
  • LINK Alexander Ewering - An interview with the creator of Xequence ABF


  • LINK Matt Fecher and Jeff (from “AudioKit”) about AudioKit Pro Digitalism 2000 ABF
  • LINK Louis (from “Retronyms”) where he shared his thoughts about his distortion synth Phase84 ABF
  • LINK Taylor Holliday creator of Audulus 3 ABF

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