Expert User Reference

This page covers some topics for those that want to get deep into the weeds as Audiobus Wiki contributors.

If you are just getting started, you may want to first review the information on the Author Tips page.

Audiobus Wiki can make use of some handy Dokuwiki plugins. These include:

  • changes - allows customized listing of changed files
  • pagelist - handy utility for rendering information about lists of files. used by several plugins to format their output. The changes plugin, for example, can make use of it
  • dir - handy utility for creating and presenting lists of files that satisfy specified criteria
  • cloud - handy utility for creating word and tag clouds
  • vshare - utility for embedding video from popular media sharing sites
  • bureaucracy- plugin for creating forms that can be used to create or modify existing pages. Please use with care
  • pagemod- plugin that works with the bureaucracy plugin (see above) for introducing form-generated content to pages
  • searchform- plugin for adding the search field onto pages
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