Contributor Welcome

You can contribute to the Audiobus Wiki with a few casual taps or clicks or by diving deep. A

To get started, log in with your Audiobus Forum id.

If you aren't interested in learning to wiki, we have a few forms so that you can contribute to the wiki without learning to wiki at all:

Audiobus Wiki is built on the Dokuwiki framework. You can learn the basics of what you need to know in just a few minutes. Please take a few moments to visit the Author Tips page for some basics. It provides helpful pointers as well as some simple guidelines for contributors.

Feel free to add wiki pages for topics of interest. Please check to see if there is an existing page for the topic before creating a new one.

We can also use some help migrating topics from the forum Knowledge Base to the wiki.

Handy tools are available from the Site Tools popup found at the top of the page. This includes a link to any page’s discussion page, a list of recent wiki changes, the site map and more.

Some resources to get started:

  • Audiobus Forum Author Tips
  • Syntax guide
  • You can also write in Markdown by putting content within <markdown>…</markdown> blocks; this should make it easy to copy and paste straight from the Audiobus forum.
  • You can create new pages by clicking the blank page icon at the top right, then entering the name of the page - or, wiki-style, manually enter the URL of the page you want to create.
  • Audiobus Forum Expert User Reference
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