Audiobus Wiki Contributor Guidelines

We are trying to make the Audiobus Wiki the go-to source for accurate information, helpful hints and tutorials for iOS music-making. This article provides some basic guidlines, conventions and rules-of-thumb for wiki contributors to help us achieve our goal.

This page will change as the wiki grows and we better understand the dynamics of our community.

  • If quoting from another source, even a forum post, cite the post or site from which the text was taken and link to it. Don't present words that are not your own without citing the source.
  • When creating pages about apps, if you quote the developer's text, please indicate that the text is the developers. It lets wiki visitors know that these words are from the developer and may contain some marketing spin. It is ok to use such text as long as you identify it.
  • If there is a high-quality or authoritative article about the subject, link to it and include a brief summary rather than writing a long less authoritative article. Consider writing up just a bullet point summary and linking to a more in-depth or authoritative article.
  • Don't just copy and paste extensive information from another site. If you find that you want to include a lot of text from another site, it is best to briefly summarize the text and link to the source.
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