• Could we have example pages for each of these?
  • Could we link to them from this list?
  • This would allow users to see the functions in action.
  • A collection of these pages with the requisite tags could auto generate an answer to the questions about which DAW apps have which of these features.
  • Develop a user configurable form, perhaps using existing Docuwiki plugins, so they can select their own set of criteria from a list of feature options. This form would then generate a list of DAWs that meet those requirements.

Tag Form to DAW form

Video to hype the development of such a DAW database

– espiegel123 notes (20190512): It would be a great idea to have a DAW Feature Table article that has a table or tables that have rows for important DAW features and columns for particular DAWs and the cells can be filled with characters that indicate whether the feature is supported or not in that daw. While it isn't an automated setup, it is relatively simple to set up if someone wants to take it on.

If someone wants to take this on, we can install the table editing plugin – as editing large tables are a hassle in Dokuwiki without it.

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