• I think this page may soon need to be rethought as there are a lot of different sections and lumping them altogether as tutorials is probably pushing the definition of what a tutorial is normally thought of as being.


  • Expanded and would need a front end to adequately represent its scope.


  • There are some sections that have more to do with creating wiki pages or support for your online
  • media representation rather than music per say.


  • Some sections need more depth of material as rather than being tutorials they’re accurately videos of performances of using the apps.

iOS audio standards

  • The iOS audio standards section needs link and the issues surrounding them have and continue to be many so they’ll need to have a front end too.

Preserve Page and Tag Permanence

  • Existing and future pages can stay right where they’re at.

Namespace Overlap/Differentiation

  • Pages may be questionable as to whether or not they’re Wiki Author Tips or music app tutorial material.
  • The GUI_design page would seems to have relevance for both on the broader level.
  • GUI topics like the App Store emoticon link page seem more clearly appropriate for the wiki section.
  • Topics like markdown and apps like Textastic seem very removed from music creation so tutorial on them should focus on very specific musical applications.
  • Audiobus forum wiki can’t become a mini version of Wikipedia.

Music Videos

  • There are no tutorials on how to create music videos yet there are many apps that are being used to do.
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