StreamByter & Available Scripts List

StreamByter is a (now free) MIDI processor plugin for creating custom MIDI effects. It has a scripting language designed around manipulating MIDI messages. Optional GUI components linked to the code can be used.

App type: App and AUv3

App store link:

Developer: Audeonic Apps

Developer AB Forum Handle: @audeonic

  • StreamByter is also a component of the developer’s standalone MidiFire MIDI processing environment. It is also available as an In-App Purchase in MIDI Designer Pro 2.
  • StreamByter can be used as an Audio Unit (AU) effect in hosts that support AU MIDI plugins, or standalone by connecting to it through CoreMIDI virtual ports.
  • Audeonic Streambyter Overview Page, probably the best starting point for how-to information.
  • StreamByter University, billed as “Everything you need to know about using StreamByter and writing code”
  • StreamByter Forum Main script development forum for StreamByter
  • Code Boutique, “A collection of ready-to-run snippets of code for useful and esoteric tasks”

Channel Scripts
Force Channel with GUI Redirect all input events to a specific output channel
Channel Filter with GUI Filter midi input for a range of channels
Set Channel by Note Changing channels from a keyboard that doesn’t have onboard channel change by playing a note from A7 to C8
GR-16 Output MIDI Mapper Changes the MIDI output from GR-16 to configurable notes and channels
Midi Matrix Switcher Live jam utility to switch midi matrix routings to beat-juggle with pattern snippets, to switch between song parts or to play additional notes with different voicing while holding notes
Multi-Mono Channeliser Rewrites the MIDI channel of each incoming note to a discrete channel starting from channel 1, splitting up polyphonic midi
Chord Scripts
The One Finger Orchestra in A Minor Single notes get converted to chords suitable for an orchestral sound
OneFingerChords Generate chord variants from single notes
Note Scripts
Velocity Enhancer Enhance dynamic range of keyboard controllers
Note Controlled Transposer Transpose FugueMachine and any other sequencer using note input from midi controller
Chord Rotator a la Michael Brecker Map incoming MIDI notes to rotating chords
Quantiser (Real-Time) Life Quantiser
SpreadNoteRange Spread out a range of notes to full 00-7F range
Split & Remap Rozeta X0X / Rhythm The 8 drum notes output by Rozeta X0X or Rhythm are split onto separate midi output channels and remapped to new notes with GUI
PolyToNxM Distribute polyphonic midi to N channels with M voices each
PolyToNx1 Distribute incomming polyphonic midi to N outgoing mono midi channels
All Notes Off Send NoteOFf for all notes on all channels
Sequencer Scripts
Nimble Looper Compact but compelling MIDI note looper
CC Scripts
ChromaBend Force pitchbend to chromatic
CC High Range Remap Remap CC values higher than a threshold to a new range
Beatstep pro relative to absolute mapping Map beatsteps relative CCs to absolute values
Logarithmic faders Apply a logarithmic curve to a CC
Controller Scripts
Auto Holder Hold all played notes until they are released either with the 'Release' button or via a release CC
SustainNotes Delay note-off‘s depending on sustain pedal, with support for MPE input
Pitchbend to 2 CCs Converts upper and lower range of pitchbend lever to two CCs
AutoRTZ - CC Return a CC back to zero if no value was received for some milliseconds
Poly Fudge Simulate poly aftertouch using the 8 StreamByter sliders
External Hardware Scripts
BPM Monitor Monitor the BPM of an incoming clock signal

Please post links to favorite StreamByter scripts here. To keep the page under control, it would be best to limit each entry to one line if possible. If the script could use further description it would be best to create a separate page and link to it in the list instead.

If not linked to Audeonic forum, links to Dropbox or other file sharing services will work. The files can also be zipped and uploaded here. Lastly, the code can be posted inside a code block like so: <code> … script … </code>

  • List scripts here. One line each if possible.
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