• This tutorial on importing SFZ sample instruments into Stagelight🏪 doesn't discuss how to create them, that information can be found at SFZ.

Problems Importing SFZ

  • Stagelight initially only supported SFZ 1 specifications only. They have updated their SFZ support since then. There may still be some issues where sfz files created by sforzando won't work in Stagelight.
  • Your files should be in the Stagelight/Stagelight User/SFZ folder. If an sfz file is loaded from another location on the iPad, the instrument will not produce any sound.
  • The file you try to import into StageLight should be an .sfz file. The final issue might be that the location of the sample files on your device might not match up with what’s specified in the .sfz file. For testing purposes, here's a zip file which contains a string folder having two .sfz files and two folders containing the samples which have been named to match the .sfz files. If you put all of the unzipped files and folders in the appropriate location for your device, you should be able to import and use them successfully. The credits for the two sfz files are listed inside of each. I was able to successfully import these two sfz files into the StageLight iOS app. ‬

    Tiny Piano

  • TinyPiano.sfz file and samples in a zip file named Keys.zip. This SFZ maps every 3 notes from G#0 through C#8 using 30 piano samples located in the TinyPiano folder starting from Piano-A0.wav through Piano-C8.wav. It uses the most basic SFZ code to map the samples to notes and can be used as a template for making your own SFZ files from samples where you’d just use the appropriate note ranges along with sample file and folder names for your SFZ instrument. You can use a text editor app such as [Textastic Code Editor 7 by Alexander Blach](Textastic Code Editor 7 by Alexander Blach) to edit your .sfz files.

Desktop SFZ Creation Apps

  • The free Sforzando app can create SFZ files and convert SF2 soundfont files into SFZ.
  • The Polyphone app can create and import SF2 files and export them as SFZ.

Free SFZ files

Ariaengine.com is a site with links to free SFZ files.


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