Scythe Synthesizer

2020: renamed to WaveStorm and some new features and AUv3 added.

An Audiobus-compatible IAA wavetable synthesizer from BitMask Studio. There is also a different synth from another developer called Scythe.

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Developer: Bitmask Studio

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The developer’s original YouTube videos are no longer available.

Scythe wavetables contain up to 256 single-cycle waveforms which you might think of as slices or frames.

Scythe can create wavetables from audio imported from AudioShare. The maximum number of waveforms per wavetable is 256. Scythe uses a proprietary algorithm for analyzing audio and converting the audio to a wavetable. There is not a fixed ratio of audio duration to wavetable frame. The spectral (harmonic) complexity of the sound influences the conversion. I have had 1 second long sound that resulted in a full 256 frame wavetable and another sound whose 2.8 seconds resulted in 254 frames.

When I imported a 220Hz sine wave, the frames (waveforms) were very close (if not precisely), two cycles wide.

Jarryd Hall, Scythe's creator, had this to share about the audio-to-wavetable generation:

The engine works with its own file format and audio is processed in a way that works with the synthesis engine, generated specifically for the synthesis algorithms being used. Each wavetable can hold up to 256 (2^8) waves, with each wave containing 1024 (2^10) samples. The processing is done using a few combined techniques and mainly focuses on frequency, where low-mid frequency sounds or sounds containing the most frequency changes generate the best wavetables. The generated wave is heavily dependent on spectral content. Scythe doesn't work as a sampler/wavescanner.

Overview from Pants of Death:

Sound Test Room Overview

Videos from the developer:

These developer videos are no longer available because the YouTube channel has been closed.







Here are some audio tracks that prominently feature Scythe Synth

Glytch – an all Scythe Synth Track:

Myangar In the Mist – gentle Scythe solo improv – the wavetable was generated from a vocal sample:


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