Samplr is a touch-based sample playback app that is widely considered the epitome of a touch-based interface that provides a unique sample-based instrument with eight engaging modes of operation.

The Samplr website provides a good overview.

App type: App

App store link:

Developer: Marcos Alonso

Developer AB Forum Handle:

While the app has not been updated in some time (as of May 2019), it is a very stable app that works well on current devices.

A note about recording: Some people are not able to record directly into the app with some iPad Pros, but this is easily worked around as Samplr can import sounds recorded in other apps.

Many more videos about Samplr can be found onYouTube

From Marcos Alonso

Cuckoo’s Tutorial

Audio Dabbler - Edit the Start Point

Red Sky Lullaby Chillhop Jam

3 Cool Tricks

AudioDabbler’s Samplr Tutorial


Dubspot Tutorial

Fleksi demo/tutorial (also includes Loopy)

DeltAdata has many excellent SamplR jams on his channel including this one:

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