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 **Developer AB Forum Handle**: @virsyn **Developer AB Forum Handle**: @virsyn
-===== Additional Info =====+===== Tips and Tricks ===== 
 +==== Exporting MIDI ==== 
 +After slicing your audio, you can export the slices and a MIDI sequence that will recreate the original audio when triggered by MIDI. The steps are: 
 +  * Set the tempo on the Arp page to the original audio's tempo if you need the resulting MIDI file to faithfully line up with the original sample. 
 +  * Tap the Share icon 
 +  * Select the "All wavs" zipped option 
 +  * Tap on the "Mail To" icon 
 +  * Either mail the message to you OR drag the MIDI file out of the message window into the Files app to save yourself having to mail the data 
 +  * Import into the MIDI sequencer of your choice.
 +Here are the steps in pictures:
 +===== Videos =====
 +There are quite a few videos demonstrating this app on YouTube. Here is a selection to get you started:
 +Virsyn Promo Demo
 +The SoundTestRoom Reslice Demo
 +Re-Grooving a Djembe Loop
 == Tags == == Tags ==
-{{tag>stub unreviewed}}+{{tag>au slicer video}}
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