Quantum builds on MidiSequencer to effectively give you 6 MidiSequencer apps in one package but with lots of additional functionality & cross-modulation/sync to bring you step sequencing features rivaling many hardware step sequences. Integration with Ableton Link & Audiobus 3 midi, as well as sharing documents via airplay, Dropbox or email, bring additional functionality and a much improved user experience.

App type: App

App store link:

Developer: Anthony Saunders

Developer AB Forum Handle: @midisequencer

How is this used in ape matrix? Thanks so much.

Open both Quantum & apeMatrix.

In Quantum: Go to Devices in the upper left corner Choose apeMatrix from the list of outputs on the bottom, and change the “Active” setting to “On”

In apeMatrix: Open the MIDI matrix Choose the MIDI DIN icon for an input Quantum should show as an external MIDI source

Worked fine on my iPad Pro 12.9“ running iPadOS 13.2 (newest).

So you need to run Quantum outside Ape Matrix, rather than a plugin? Can you still use Ape Matrix to trigger Quantum?

I'm actually reverting back to using AUM instead of Ape Matrix, so I assume the same workflow applies?

You have to treat Quantum as an external MIDI source in apeMatrix, so assuming Quantum accepts incoming MIDI (pretty sure it does) then you'll have to send the signal from whatever app in apeMatrix to Quantum using the MIDI DIN icon in the MIDI matrix.

Yes - Quantum is not an AUv3, so it needs to run as a separate, stand-alone app from apeMatrix.

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