This page is a summary of how to connect two audio interfaces via ADAT.

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The main points to a successful connection are these:

  1. The ADAT clock rate needs to be the same on each audio interface.
  2. One ADAT device needs to have their clock source set to internal and the other device needs to have their clock source set to external.
  3. The clock rate in the host device audio software eg AUM, Cubasis etc on the iPad needs to be at the same clock rate as the ADAT clock rate. This is not automatic. If the clock rate of the DAW does not match the ADAT clock rate the audio device will still function with the analog ins and outs, but you won't be able to send or receive audio on the ADAT channels even though they will be visible in the DAW.
  1. Check that the cable connections are set up correctly (eg the IN of one device connects to the OUT of the other device)

The process for setting up the ADAT channels on the audio interfaces will depend on the device manufacturer, but will more than likely be via control software installed on a computer. For example the settings for the Arturia AudioFuse are changed through the Arturia Control Centre software installed on the computer and Focusrite have their own control software that is also installed on a computer. It's worthwhile verifying that the clock source is set up correctly on the computer while the interface is connected there. This is achieved on a Mac through using the Audio/MIDI app found in the utilities folder to select the audio interface you want to check. the clock source will be visible here.

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