Patterning 2

Patterning 2 is the next generation of the award-winning circular drum machine. Create beats like never before in a beautiful, intuitive interface that is both easy to use and brimming with features for the experienced producer.

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Developer: Olympia Noise Co.

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Make dynamic drum patterns with the swipe of a finger. Quickly record rhythms and parameter automation. Use Patterning’s independent loop settings to explore rhythmic possibilities impossible to achieve in traditional sequencers. Automate and randomize parameters to create intricate & complex beats. Arrange patterns on the timeline to construct songs. Use the built-in effects to add atmosphere, shimmer and noise. Export patterns directly to Ableton Live or connect to other instruments with MIDI. Download hundreds of free factory and user-created drum kits for use in your own songs.

Patterning was named Runner-Up : App of the Year (iPad) in 2015.

Some of what’s new in Patterning 2 :

• Record Beats with the New Drum Pads • Drum Kit Switching • Randomize (Almost) Everything • Next Generation Ratcheting • Automation Recording • Coarse Tune & MIDI Note Quantization • Quantized Pattern Launch • Sample Folders • Loop Rotate • Pattern Tempo Changes • Divide Mode Measure Length • New Automation Layers : Randomization, Ratcheting, MIDI CCs, and more. • Ableton Link Start/Stop • MIDI Learn Recording • MIDI Drum Triggering • MIDI Only Tracks • Unlimited MIDI CC Outputs • MIDI Gate Length Automation • Under the Hood Performance Improvements • Workflow Enhancements • And more…

For a full list of new and existing features, visit

Patterning can NOT import MIDI files.

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