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List of iOS Music Related Video Channels and Sites

The descriptions below are very brief, visit their sites via the links to get a better sense of what their videos have to offer. For additional videos, many app developers have videos on their website listed with their apps on the App Store

Name 🔗Description Type of Host
Apps4idevices rebirthTutorials and ReviewsYouTube
TheAudioDabblerTutorials, Tidbits, Tinkering, GuitaristYouTube
Make Music AnywhereTools needed to make music
Blue Mangoo SoftwareBlue Mangoo Apps, DSP tutorialsYouTube
CDMMusic Tech, DJing, Hardware, iOS, Desktopwebsite
Daveypoo: The Mobile Music MinstrelTutorials, Reviews, Thoughts on music, BassistYouTube
discchordReviews, Tutorials, Performances, App Saleswebsite
DJ PuzzleReviews, Tutorials, Loop ProducerYouTube
Electronisounds AudioSamples, Tutorials, HardwareYouTube
The GarageBand GuideGarageBand Tutorials, Gear Review, FAQYouTube
Henny Tha BiznessMusic Tech, Grammy Winning ProducerYouTube
Jakob HaqTutorials, Reviews, Hardware, Developer InterviewsYouTube
-ki FileshareiOS Tutorials, MozaicYouTube
Matthew FetcheriOS Developer Interviews, an AudioKit DeveloperYouTube
Meerkat MusicElectronic Music, TutorialsYouTube
Nu-Trix the Synth GuyTutorials, Reviews, HardwareYouTube
Red Sky LullabyTutorials, App Jams, Music Videos, Sound DesignerYouTube
RoikatElectronic Music, Performances, AnimationsYouTube
Shazamm the iPad ProducerProducer, Tutorials, Developer InterviewsYouTube
SoundForMoreTutorials, Reviews, Sharing music resourcesYouTube
The Sound Test RoomReviews, Tutorials, Hardware, KeyboardistYouTube
SYNTH ANATOMYHardware, Desktop, iOS, Electronic MusicYouTube
SYNTHTOPIAHardware, Desktop, iOS, Reviewswebsite
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