Namespaces (Dokuwiki)

The Audiobus Wiki is a Dokuwiki wiki. Namespace is Dokuwiki's way of talking about directories that its content files are sorted into. Unless you are authoring wiki content, you may remain blissfully ignorant of what a Dokuwiki namespace and consider yourself blessed.

At the current time, Audiobus Wikis has a fairly flat structure. All of the content of general interest is in the (nameless) root namespace.

There are a few other namespaces in use.

  • wiki - this namespace houses the pages relevant to wiki contributors. It provides information and tutorials of interest to wiki authors. For example, detailed instructions about how to embed videos and soundcloud players are found in the wiki namespace.
  • talk - this namespace is used by Dokuwiki itself and should never be directly edited. When an AB Wiki's page has a discussion, Dokuwiki creates pages here. Wiki visitors and authors, should only access these pages from the wiki page that they are connected to.
  • user - Dokuwiki will create a page here for you if you like.
  • tag - Dokuwiki creates and manages this directory when it needs to.

NOTE: This structure may change somewhat as the wiki grows.

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