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MPE Instrument Apps

List of iOS Instrument apps that can process MPE Midi.

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List of iOS Instrument apps that can process MPE Midi:

  • Apple: GarageBand (Universal pseudo-DAW)
  • Audio Burns: Spectrum
  • Audio Damage: Continua, Quanta, Phosphor
  • Bram Bos: Mononoke
  • Christophe Duquesne: SpringSound (Universal synth, physical modeling)
  • Eric Sigth: Tardigrain, Shapesynth, Strng (all limited MPE)
  • Imaginando Lda: DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Jesper Nordin: Gestrument (Universal controller)
  • Kai Aras: Volt, Shockwave
  • KV331 Audio: Synthmaster Player, Synthmaster One (Universal synth, playing patches from the desktop version)
  • Mark Watt: SpaceCraft Granular Synth
  • Moog Music: Model 15 Modular (Universal virtual modular synth), AniMoog (iPad and iPhone wavetable-like “anisotropic” synth), Minimoog Model D
  • Ngo Minh Ngoc: iFretless Bass, iFretless Brass, iFretless Sax, iFretless Guitar (Universal instrument emulation romplers)
  • Open Labs: Stagelight
  • One Red Dog Media: Arctic ProSynth (iPad synth, virtual analog)
  • PPG Apps: WaveGenerator, WaveMapper, WaveMapper for iPhone, Infinite, Phonem (iPad wavetable synths)
  • Roland: Zenbeats
  • ROLI: Seaboard 5D (Universal Equator-based synth), Noise (Universal sequencer and synth which only accepts ROLI devices EDIT: which works as an AU plugin, so also accepts other devices) , ROLI Play (Universal, introduction to the Lightpad Block)
  • Sonosaurus: ThumbJam, DrumJam (Universal samplers)
  • Synclavier Digital Co: Synclavier Go!
  • Wizdom Music: GeoShred, Geo Synthesizer, SampleWiz (Universal synths, physical modeling)
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