MPE Instrument Apps

List of iOS Instrument apps that can process MPE Midi.

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List of iOS Instrument apps that can process MPE Midi:

  • Copperhead, WaveCloud
  • Apple: Logic Pro (full DAW), GarageBand (Universal pseudo-DAW)
  • Audio Damage: Continua, Phosphor, Quanta (all AUv3)
  • Audio Modeling: various SWAM Instruments, e.g. SWAM Bass Flute (mono) (all AUv3)
  • BeepStreet: Drambo ( AUv3)
  • Bleass: Alpha, Megalit, Omega, SampleWiz 2, Voices (all AUv3)
  • Bram Bos: Mononoke, Salome (both AUv3)
  • Burns Audio: Spectrum (AUv3)
  • Christophe Duquesne: SpringSound (Universal synth, physical modeling) (not AUv3)
  • Eric Sigth: Tardigrain, Shapesynth, Strng (all limited MPE) (all AUv3)
  • Harry Gohs: Cube Synth Pro, Tera Pro (all AUv3)
  • Imaginando Lda: FRMS, DRC - Polyphonic Synthesizer (both AUv3)
  • IMOX Plus: Respiro (Physical Modelling synth designed for windcontrollers which also supports MPE controllers in “CE” mode) (Mono)
  • Jesper Nordin: Gestrument (Universal controller) (not AUv3)
  • Jonathan Schatz: ID700 (AUv3)
  • Kai Aras/Numerical Audio: Volt, Shockwave, Agonizer (Mono) (all AUv3)
  • Klevgrand: Tomofon
  • KV331 Audio: Synthmaster Player, Synthmaster One (Universal synth, playing patches from the desktop version), SynthMaster 2 (all AUv3)
  • Living Memory: LayR (AUv3)
  • Mark Watt: SpaceCraft Granular Synth (AUv3)
  • Moog Music: Model 15 Modular (AUv3, Universal virtual modular synth), AniMoog (not AUv3, iPad and iPhone wavetable-like “anisotropic” synth), Animoog Z (AUv3), Minimoog Model D (AUv3), Mariana (mono/duo; AUv3)
  • Ngo Minh Ngoc: iFretless Bass, iFretless Brass, iFretless Sax, iFretless Guitar (Universal instrument emulation romplers) (all AUv3)
  • Open Labs: Stagelight (pulled off store?)
  • One Red Dog Media: Arctic ProSynth (iPad synth, virtual analog) (not AUv3)
  • Paul Wand: BB17 Binaural AUv3 Synth (AUv3)
  • PPG Apps: WaveGenerator, WaveMapper, WaveMapper for iPhone, Infinite (AUv3), Phonem (iPad wavetable synths) (pulled off store?)
  • Roland: Zenbeats (DAW)
  • ROLI: Seaboard 5D (Universal Equator-based synth; pulled off Store?), Noise (Universal sequencer and synth which only accepts ROLI devices EDIT: which works as an AU plugin, so also accepts other devices) , ROLI Play (Universal, introduction to the Lightpad Block)
  • Seven Systems: Xequence 2, Xequence AU
  • SonicPlanet/SonicLab: Fundamental2, Thermo2 (both AUv3)
  • Sonosaurus: ThumbJam, DrumJam (Universal samplers) (not AUv3)
  • Synclavier Digital Co: Synclavier Go! (AUv3)
  • TAL: TAL-U-NO-LX (AUv3)
  • Wizdom Music: GeoShred (AUv3), Geo Synthesizer (pulled off store?), SampleWiz (Universal synths, physical modeling)
  • Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio: WoodSynth
  • Yuri Turov: Shoom (not AUv3)
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