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 This wiki page contains programming tips & tricks for [[mozaic_plugin_engine|Mozaic]] This wiki page contains programming tips & tricks for [[mozaic_plugin_engine|Mozaic]]
 +  * [[#NoteOn Velocity 0 Special Case]]
   * [[#Two dimensional Arrays]]   * [[#Two dimensional Arrays]]
   * [[#Multi dimensional Arrays]]   * [[#Multi dimensional Arrays]]
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   * [[#Calculate Standard Chords from a Root Note]]   * [[#Calculate Standard Chords from a Root Note]]
   * [[#Include Snippets]]   * [[#Include Snippets]]
 +===== NoteOn Velocity 0 Special Case=====
 +<html><p align = "right"><small><i>From -ki</i></small></p></html>
 +The Midi Spec allows to use a NoteOn command with velocity zero instead of a NoteOff command. If this combination is received by Mozaic, this midi command is automatically converted to 
NoteOff vel 0 - even for the @OnMidiInput event and when checking MidiByte1. 
 +Therefore scripts don‘t need to check for this ‚NoteOn Vel 0‘ case, as that special case is handled by Mozaic. Even when using MidiThrough, an incomming ‚NoteOn Vel 0‘ command will be converted to ‚NoteOff Vel 0‘
 ===== Two dimensional Arrays ===== ===== Two dimensional Arrays =====
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