MIDI Monitoring

The process of using an app to see what the various MIDI messages that are being sent and received in a particular software and/or hardware setup. This allows you to trouble shoot and verify your MIDI connections are working as you intend them to. MIDI monitoring is analogous to using an oscilloscope to see what the audio waves look like.


  1. Filters for channels, MIDI clock, sysex, CC, and other MIDI message type sources sent to the monitoring app so you can isolate what you're interested in looking at.
  2. Is MIDI being sent?
  3. Are they the right notes and velocity?
  4. Are note off and on messages being sent?
  5. Are the CC nessages being sent on the correct MIDI channel with the expected values?
  6. Are there duplicate MIDI streams which are causing problems which is the MIDI version of unintended run away audio feedback?
  7. Are MIDI effects working as you expected?
  8. What's happening when there are hung notes?
  9. Use to troubleshoot hardware, iOS core MIDI, and virtual MIDI port routings.
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