Loopy Pro: Tutorials

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See also: Loopy Pro: Performance Videos

Loopy Pro creator Michael Tyson's series of Loopy Pro tips.

Michael has created a large playlist that includes Loopy Pro Tutorials from quite a few different creators.

John Paul Music UK has a great series of Loopy Pro tutorials and demonstrations including a series that is essentially a video manual.

Sound For More's Leo has created an in-depth tutorial series that delves into every aspect of Loopy Pro.

Max Yar's channel has some great tutorials (some of which have links to custom templates) particularly for guitar players.

Excellent Loopy Pro tutorial series with a performer’s perspective.

Inkie's tutorials is another comprehensive tutorial series of Loopy Pro tutorials from Inkie: beatboxer, producer, looper.

This tutorial playlist walks through some ways to use Loopy Pro in a DAW-like manner.

This tutorial playlist is made up of short videos that demonstrate useful tips and tricks and clarify some Loopy Pro topics.

The number of video tutorials for Loopy Pro is constantly growing. There are many many more excellent tutorials available these days– more than we can catalog. Do a web or YouTube search for Loopy Pro tutorials or demonstrations and you are sure to find some excellent videos that have escaped our attention.

Below is an assortment of tutorials that were available early on:

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