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Loopy Pro Tips and Tricks

Multiple Paths For An Input - Demonstration of how to send the same input to different colors/tracks, each with its own effect chain. This demonstration shows how to set it up to hear the tracks/inputs wet but record them dry.

MIDI Map/Learn AU Effect parameters

Getting MIDI into Midi Control from Inside Loopy - Currently (Dec 2021) but changing soon, the MIDI Control system listens to external devices an the Virtual Midi In. To send midi from inside Loopy to MIDI Control right now, you need to use a solution that gets MIDI to the Loopy Virtual MIDI port. With the MIDITools MIDI Route AUv3 loaded in Loopy or miRack you can do it with no additional apps running. (For miRack you have a midi in module connected to a midi out module and choose Loopy as the destination. The other way to do it is to use Audiobus or MidiFire or AUM or the like (Freeewi might work) to loop back the virtual midi out to the virtual midi in (by watch out for feedback loops).

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