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Loopy Pro: MIDI Map AU Effect Parameters

There are a few ways to control Audio Unit Effect parameters:

  • Mapping MIDI events to effect parameters using the MIDI Control system
  • Using widgets that target Audio Unit effects.

In both cases, you add Effect Actions from the relevant action picker.

  • Display the MIDI Control panel
  • Select the settings file (local or global) where you want the mapping to be saved
  • Add New Binding
  • Scroll to the Effect actions section and choose the relevant action
  • Choose the target (the audio unit you want to control)
  • A list of relevant parameters is displayed
  • Set up the trigger for the MIDI Control
  • Add a widget to your layout
  • Tap on the pencil icon to edit the widget
  • Tap on a + sign for the event that you want to add the action to
  • Add the action from the Effect Actions list
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