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Loopy Pro

Live-looper, sampler, AUv3 host, DAW

App type: App and AUv3

App store link:

Developer: Michael Tyson

Developer AB Forum Handle: @Michael

A comprehensive manual is in the works.

The in-progress draft can be read on the Loopy Pro site.

See also: Loopy Pro Tips and Tricks

Setting Loop Lengths (Recording) - Unsure how to set the lengths of loops you will record? This page should help.

Idle Mode - A Loopy Pro innovation is idle mode. Loopy Pro frees up the CPU used by instruments and effects when it detects that they are idle and not being used. In many cases, this will allow you to have a set of synths and effects loaded that would bring other hosts to a halt. Normally, this happens seamlessly without your noticing. Instruments go idle when their channel is muted. Effects go idle when no signal is going through them. Disabling Idle Mode. There are times when you might not want an effect (particularly one that behaves as a synth or sampler or sequencer) to ever go idle. You can turn off the idling of that plugin by opening its window and long-pressing the On/Off/Idle label in the upper-right corner.

MIDI Mapping and Learning AU Parameters - MIDI map/learn AU effect parameters in Loopy Pro using the MIDI Control panel to add MIDI “bindings” to the effect parameters. This video demonstrates how.

Retrospective Looping. Loopy is always listening when the clock is running. When you turn on Retrospective Recording in the settings (it can be set in clip settings or color settings or for individual clips),tapping an empty clip will fill the clip with the previous cycle's audio. The amount of audio captured is determined by the master cycle length which you can set in the tempo/clock panel that pops up when you tap the tempo display. There are two retrospective modes, Quantized and Immediate. Quantized grabs the last complete cycle of audio. You have plenty of time after the cycle completes to tap a clip and capture a perfect loop. Immediate captures a cycle length of audio that ends at the moment you tap. If phase-lock is in, Immediate will “rotate” the captured audio to keep it phase-locked. A brief demonstration can be seen on YouTube

Do we want split videos up into tutorials/reviews and performance?

Any MIDI device or app with a virtual MIDI port can be used to send MIDI to Loopy.

Auto-Mapped Devices

Loopy Pro has built-in auto-mappings for some devices. Devices that are currently automapped are:

  • LaunchPad Pro
  • LaunchPad Pro MK3
  • LaunchPad X
  • LaunchPad Mini [which versions]
  • Akai APC-40
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