Loopy/AUM Integration - Great Live Looping Setup

For those that love AUM and want a multitrack looping setup, the combination of AUM, Loopy (and/or Loopy HD) and Audiobus 3 are a potent combination. While some people balk at a non-AU solution, this combination has a lot to offer and (especially if you are working with multiple co-ordinated loops and want to automatically move from recording one loop to the next) has some advantages over using AU solutions.

Quick Demo of this setup in action


  • Loopy is one of the most stable and feature-rich apps out there.
  • Up to 12 loops
  • sophisticated (yet easy to set-up) MIDI control of all looping for those that want MIDI control
  • easy access (via the AB3 palette) of the loop multiples
  • You can also do this with just AB3 and Loopy HD – I mention AUM because it is a (deservedly) much loved environment into which this can be incorporated.

This article is a work-in-progress.

Annotated Loopy/AUM Session

How to Set Up Audiobus + AUM + Loopy

AUM/Loopy Mixer Tour

Controlling Loopy in AUM with the Audiobus Palette

Audiobus + Bias + Loopy: tutorial (using a drum loop and recording guitar loop):

@tja shared an AudioBus preset for AB3/Loopy/AUM/Xequence

@espiegel123 posted a couple of Audiobus presets for his basic setup in the Awesome Loopdeck thread

Here are some screen caps with notes. It is all very simple once you are set up. The AB3 palette lets you do just about everything without needing to leave AUM. You can set loop lengths. Loop record. The loop recording starts at beginning of a cycle on the next empty track. So repeatedly recording lets you create multiple loops without switching apps.

A simple AB3 example preset to get you started. Word of advice: turn off monitoring in Loopy to avoid potential feedback.

Basic setup in AB3


AUM with SoftDrummer engaged to send to Loopy and Bias Amp and Sunrizer disengaged. Flick left or right on the send bus node to determine what gets sent to Loopy. (I wouldn’t normally send a soft Drummer, fwiw)


Almost everything you want to control in Loopy is here in the AB3 palette. And if not, the palette makes switching back and forth a breeze:


You can bring in just the master l/r output or individual tracks:


You can even use Loopy and Loopy HD together!

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