KQ Dixie

KQ Dixie is a 6-Operator FM synthesizer that is modeled on the DX-7 synthesizer which appeared in the 1980’s. It can load most of the thousands of DX patches that can be found on the web.

App type: App and AUv3

App store link:

Developer: Ryouta Kira

Developer AB Forum Handle: @RyoutaKira

How can I save a patch from one cart to another?

  1. Make sure that the cart you want to copy to isn't a “32+1” cart.
    :!: 32+1 carts load a selected patch when you open the cart. Opening one will will replace the patch you have in memory so you’ll be unable to save it.
  2. Load the patch you want to copy into memory.
  3. Press cart, then press the cart you want to save the patch to. Don't touch any slots in the cart.
  4. Press the patch name next to the cart button at the bottom left. You'll get a popup showing all the slots in the cart you selected above. Still don't touch any of the slots.
  5. Press Save.
  6. Now press the slot you want to save it to. The name of the slot will change to the name of the patch.
  7. Press Done.
  8. Tap the little cart icon with the down arrow at the lower right of the list of carts.
  9. Tap the cart that you want to save to once again, and OK to confirm that you want to overwrite the file.
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