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-====== Velocity Mapping For iOS Pianos (and other cool info) ====== +====== iOS Piano Thoughts (other info) ====== 
-(from an [[https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/32463/velocity-mapping-for-ios-pianos-and-other-cool-info#latest|AB Forum Knowledge Base article]] started by @LinearLineman,lover of fine IOS and hardware pianos. +From an [[https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/32463/velocity-mapping-for-ios-pianos-and-other-cool-info#latest|AB Forum Knowledge Base article]] posted to the Knowledge base by @LinearLineman. Original author unknown. Posted here by @Paulinko
 ===== Technical Details ===== ===== Technical Details =====
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-{{tag> piano sample_instrument Auria Beathawk Ravenscroft Colossus SFZ disk_stream}}+{{tag> piano sample_instrument SFZ tips_and_tricks}}
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