IAA Startup Tips

Your IAA has problems opening inside an IAA host app?

  1. Close all open audio apps to make sure the IAA host app will be able to set the audio latency settings as you want.
  2. Launch the IAA host app.
  3. Launch the IAA app manually.
  4. Launch any other IAA apps you will use inside the IAA host app.
  5. Open the preset of the IAA host to load up IAA apps you want to use inside it or add the IAA apps to IAA host’s setup inside the app.
  6. IAA zombies occur when an IAA app has been hosted in an IAA host and hasn’t closed when the IAA host app was closed. It can be difficult to tell these apps are open. Seeing their virtual MIDI ports still available in an IAA host or unstable behavior on the iOS device can indicate there are IAA app still running in the background using up your devices resources. Try to open and close the IAA apps, do a manual reset, or shutdown and turn your iOS device off and back on again to try to resolve the issue.
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